Head in the Cloud - The Launch

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Date: Thursday, 24th October 2019
Venue: Dyson, 1 Cathedral Square, Trinity Street, Bristol, BS15TE
Headline: Head in the Cloud - South West. The launch.

We're here to provide you with expert insight and thought-provoking discussions on the rapid and constantly growing World of Cloud. We would be delighted for you to come to our launch event for this Meetup series.

- 6:30pm - 7pm: Arrivals & networking
- 7pm - 7:45pm: Talks from KETL's Simon Sleight & Sparkol's Jez Daniels
- 7:45pm - 8pm: Short break with snacks, refreshments, more networking
- 8pm - 8:20pm: Talk from Dyson's Roger Dunbar
- 8:20pm - 9pm: Q&A finishing with networking

Speaker #1: Simon Sleight, Data scientist and CTO at KETL home to the Clekt Data Platform and a Service

His Topic: Launching a data platform based on Snowflake - using "old skills" in a new world.

Simon is KETL's Senior Tech Lead and is a Talend trainer, an Exasol instructor, a certified SnowPro Snowflake developer and has over a quarter of a century of industry experience. Simon has been a Solutions Architect and an award winning eCommerce developer and consultant working for brands including RAC, Monsoon Accessorize, Arval, Screwfix, British Airways and Swiss Re.

Speaker #2: Jez Daniels, Certified AWS Cloud Systems Architect at Sparkol

His Topic: “It’s not scalable” and other Serverless Myths.

Jez is a Certified AWS Systems Architect and Certified AWS Cloud Practitioner with a background in web development, experienced in working on various data management systems and eCommerce systems in several EU countries. As well as open source tech, he has experience developing & architecting in proprietary tech, such as LotusScript and @Formula. Previously he worked with SunLife Insurance where he was the Tech Lead for its multi-million pound migration project, and TalentTicker Ltd (an AI startup) where he was a Founder, Senior Engineer, Systems Architect, Acting CISO and AWS go-to guy!

Speaker #3: Roger Dunbar, Senior Software Engineer at Dyson

His Topic: Productivity, Learning & Quality through Mob programming

Roger is a Senior Software Engineer in the Connected Cloud Team at Dyson with a background in designing, developing and supporting large enterprise, performant, scalable solutions most recently focused on the AWS Cloud Platform. With over 25 years in the industry he has seen the shift in focus from simple client-server solutions and structured design methodologies through to distributed, micro-service based architectures in the Cloud and delivered using a flexible agile approach. Since transitioning first to pairing and later to mobbing he has become an advocate for these practices.

This meetup is brought to you by Dyson and ADLIB.