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"I've been practicing Co-Counseling for 37 years and use it in my every day life to stay focus, mindful, a great listener and to encourage others in their daily living practices!" - Cheryl Swarts

You are warmly invited to join our collective of people deeply committed to authenticity and personal growth. The members of our gathering are eager to welcome those looking to explore, heal, and develop themselves in a supportive, safe community. Long-time co-counselors have profoundly transformed their lives using this free, therapeutic forum. You can too!

JOIN IF… · You feel frustrated, lost, stuck, or disappointed in life · You want to free your authentic self · You hold a value for honesty, openness, insight, personal growth, and connection with others Co-Counseling International (CCI) is a peer-based, therapeutic community grounded in the belief that each person can best direct their own healing and development. CCI uses simple, time-tested methods for growth in the context of a supportive, confidential community. It fosters self-examination, self-expression, self-acceptance, and self-responsibility. You will also learn valuable tools for listening and for supporting others. For more on our principles visit http://www.cci-usa.org/what_is.htm This is the UK CO-Counseling International (CCI) http://www.cciwns.com/

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