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What we're about

This is a group for freelancers and remote workers to meet, work together and socialise. The idea is to reduce the solitary nature of remote working by gathering at suitable venues and having casual work sessions together over a cup of coffee.

The sessions begin in the morning with a little social time (15 minutes or so); we work on our respective projects until lunch time, when we take a break and socialise. Work then continues for a few hours in the afternoon.

We find that co-working offers significant benefits - it's not only an escape from the isolation of freelance work, but can also boost work efficiency, and allows exchanging ideas on how to be more productive, etc.

Our main activity consists of two weekly work sessions at venues that include Prince Street Social, Framework, and the Tobacco Factory. We also have a Facebook group and a Slack channel. Hope to see you soon :)

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[ONLINE] Co-working session on Google Meet

Online event

Note: Feel free to join just for morning coffee or lunch if you prefer, but please RSVP. Thanks!

Hi all, we're back for another online session!

Plan is as follows:

1) 10:30~11:00 - Click on the meeting link.
We will start with half an hour of social time :)

2) 11:00~13:00 - Now it's time to get two hours of focused work in. Please mute your microphone while working!

3) 13:00~14:00 - Lunchtime! Everyone re-enables audio & video to chat. This will usually be in the main room, but we can split into different rooms depending on attendance. Oh and rounds of online Pictionary/other games may take place :D

p.s. if you are new, it might be a good idea to sign in 5-10 minutes early so I can have a chat with you and give you some explanations about the group :)

See you soon!

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[ONLINE] Co-working session on Google Meet

Online event

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