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Hi all, apologies for the rather short notice, but here are instruction to join our first virtual co-working session.

1. At 10:30, sign into the session here: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/267677460
2. We have a chat, discuss our work and decide on a time for lunch. Once you’ve had enough social time at the start of the session, do the following:
- Mute your microphone and video on Zoom so that others don’t hear you typing and see your work face (latter is optional :D)
- Mute the Zoom app on your laptop. This can be done in this way for Windows:
...and with this free app on Mac:
Note that you will need to download the Zoom app for this, unless you are ok with using Zoom in your browser and muting your browser.
3. If you feel like taking a break, just re-enable your microphone and video on Zoom, and unmute the app. This way you'll be able to chat to others who are also taking a break. You can tell others you are going to take a break through Zoom's chat function, on Slack (#sessions), or direct message specific users.
4. Everyone breaks for lunch at the appointed time (or can just keep working if they're busy). We will likely break the group into smaller groups at this point ("breakout rooms" on Zoom) so that it's easier for people to chat.
5. Get back to work and repeat steps 2-3 :)

p.s. you can join later than 10:30, but in that case you might have to wait a little bit until I see and approve your request to join.
p.p.s. this is the first time we're doing this so some (hopefully small) issues are likely to come up. Please bear with us as we figure things out!