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What we’re about

We've been running since May 2010 - and with such a diverse music scene there is a definite need for this in Bristol. All of our members love music and the aim of the group is to help people meet up to go to gigs, concerts, or just head off to acoustic sessions down the pub. Members of the group have attended a huge range of local gigs and festivals from rock, indie, indie folk, blues, soul, funk, jazz punk, world, acoustic, folk, roots, Americana, bluegrass, reggae, dub and the list goes on. Our aim is to encourage people to get together and go out to gigs, whether it's at the Bristol Beacon or a local pub. We're a friendly collective and welcome new members.

PLEASE NOTE: This group is NOT for gig promoters to advertise upcoming events, it is about people meeting up to discover music together

Meetup charges me, as group organiser, around £160 a year to host the Bristol Live Music Group. If you attend Meetups organised within the group, please consider making a contribution towards these fees, of an amount of your choosing. I'd suggest £6 which is less than the price of two drinks. Any contributions received will only be used to pay the Meetup fees, any surplus will be reserved for future fees.

You can pay by the following ways:

  • Bank transfer to sort code 30-98-71 account 50936162
  • Paypal to

Tips for attending Meetups

  • Make contact with the event host in advance
  • Make sure you know how to recognise the event host and know when / where you’ll meet
  • Be conscious that gigs often sell out so please buy tickets at the same time as you sign up to a Meetup

Tips for organising Meetups
Meetups within the Bristol Live Music Group are not centrally organised or run. If you’d like to have a Meetup at a gig / concert and a Meetup hasn’t already been set up then you’ll need to create one. Meetup has recently changed their system and no longer allows regular members to 'suggest' Meetups. This means you'll have to ask me to make you an event leader. This will allow you to create a new Meetup. By creating a Meetup, you’re committing to being the organiser and arranging to meet the attendees at the Meetup. Let us know if you need any assistance in setting up the Meetup

If you're happy to do so, it's really useful to have a good photo of you on your profile to help with meeting the attendees.

Steps for organising Meetups

  • Start by selecting “Plan a Meetup” on the Bristol Live Music Group main page
  • Give the Meetup a name, typically this will be the band name and venue i.e. “Mogwai @ Bristol Beaconl”.
  • Set the date and time as the time when you intend people to meet up.
  • Add the venue to the Meetup
  • Add an appropriate photo if you can find one.
  • Add a description of the band / artist, feel free to write your own or copy the venue’s description. Ideally, include a link to a representative YouTube video, Meetup’s system will embed this video for you. Also include an indication of how attendees will meet you on the night but don’t include any contact details as anyone can view the Meetup description.
  • Add a ticket purchase link and price to the important details section.
  • Once you’re happy with the Meetup, select Publish and members of the group will be notified of the new Meetup.
  • In advance of the Meetup (at least two days before please!), contact the attendees via the Meetup messaging system and let them know how they’ll find you on the night. If you’re comfortable with doing so then feel free to give your phone number but this isn’t required. At least make sure attendees know how to recognise you and make sure you clearly say where and when to meet.
  • Make sure you give the contact information to any attendees who sign up at the last minute.
  • Enjoy the Meetup!