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NVC Dance Floor Club — Deepen Your Roots!
This workshop is for people who want to deepen their NVC skills. The focus is on self-empathy, symbolised by the roots of the Tree of Compassionate Connection. We use the NVC Dance Floors, an active moving method of learning and embodying NVC, developed by Gina Lawrie and Bridget Belgrave. The Dance Floors (DFs) are spatial maps made up of large cards that place the NVC process on the floor in various layouts called “dances”. Each card represent a step in the dance of communication. The “dancer” goes through the steps in a role play often with coaching from a trainer or support from another participant. There are different DFs for transformative inner processes and DFs for role-playing a dialogue, e.g. self-empathy dance, anger dance, inner-outer dance etc. DFs are a structured tool to: • Support self-connection. • Develop self-awareness. • Develop listening skills. • Get a deeper understanding of ourselves and others even though by observing and reflecting other dancers. • Become more consciousness of what does it mean to be authentic. • Empower ourselves. If we are able to find clarity in ourselves, get access and connection to our needs, in the long term we’ll built resilience which help us to have more capacity to deal with conflicts and live from our heart. Deepen your roots! Costs: Sliding scale £18 – £30: if you need more information, please ask for guidelines. Who’s it for? People who have done a NVC Level One Course (or a Foundation Training with a certified trainer). Next dates: 18th July 2018 Are you interested and feel ready to book? Please press RSVP and use our booking form on our website: Looking forward to meeting you and have an interesting evening together with lots of insights! Cheers, Gesine

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What we're about

We are a collective of trainers offering Nonviolent Communication (NVC) events in and around Bristol.

What is NVC?

What I want in my life is compassion, a flow between myself and others based on a mutual giving from the heart. Marshall Rosenberg

• Imagine connecting with the human spirit in each person in any situation.

• Imagine interacting with one another in a way that allows everyone’s needs to be equally valued.

• Imagine creating organizations and environments that honour and respond to your needs.

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is sometimes referred to as compassionate communication. Its purpose is to strengthen our ability to inspire compassion and to respond compassionately to others and to ourselves. NVC guides us to reframe how we express ourselves and hear others by focusing our consciousness on what we are observing, feeling, needing, and requesting.

We are trained to make careful observations free of evaluation, and to specify behaviours and conditions that are affecting us. We learn to hear our own deeper needs and those of others, and to identify and clearly articulate what we are wanting in a given moment. When we focus on clarifying what is being observed, felt, and needed, rather than on diagnosing and judging, we discover the depth of our own compassion. Through its emphasis on deep listening — to ourselves as well as others — NVC fosters respect, attentiveness and empathy, and engenders a mutual desire to give from the heart. The form is simple, yet powerfully transformative.

Adapted from Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life by Marshall B. Rosenberg, Ph.D. The book is available in the UK from Amazon (

For more information about Nonviolent Communication visit the Centre for Nonviolent Communication ( website.

NVC West Community and Learning Days

Come and join us for a day of sharing and exercises to improve connection with people in your life, using the principles of NVC i.e. Nonviolent Communication.
We have several trainers on the day ready to respond to what people are wanting to practice and/or offering focus sessions. Also, anyone attending can lead a session to explore a particular problem in communicating.
Apart from learning, there's time for a check-in, giving and receiving empathy, shared lunch and teas.
It's a very good and inexpensive day to experience NVC in action. Particularly user-friendly for first timers but also really appreciated by people for whom NVC is very close to their hearts.

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