Dockerize your dev environment

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The aim of this workshop is to help you put together a developer environment using Docker.

So whether you're using a platform (e.g. Drupal or WordPress), a framework (e.g. Laravel or Symfony) or a custom set of PHP packages you'll be able to find out how to put together a workable system and have a framework to explore further on your own.

It follows up the earlier workshop held in March where we looked at the basics of using Docker for PHP development. You don't need to have been an attendee but we're assuming basic knowledge of using Docker.

What you will need:

* some knowledge on the basics of Docker
* laptop with Docker Community Edition (CE) installed - (i.e. Docker for Mac, Docker for Windows or Docker package for your Linux distribution)
* GitHub account


Thanks to our sponsors OnCorps ( and Lamp Bristol (, without them we couldn't run the workshops.

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