What we're about

Let's get together for collective self development and trust me time spent on yourself is time well spent! The general principle of this group is to focus on developing self and others!👍👌

Fun and having a great time will be at heart of the meetups of this group!👌✊. More fundamentally, my ultimate goal for this group is become a community of self improvers.

Some of the things to come: Workshops, knowledge events and activities involving the following:
Teamwork, Productivity, Giving Back, Communication Skills, Relationship Building, Leadership, Meditation, Philosophy of life, Exercise, Healthy food, Fitness, Coping with mental illness, Many social get togethers, External speakers, Sharing ideas circles, Discussions both formal and informal.

My reason behind the group is that I embarked on a journey to work on my self and improve, and have indeed come a very long way. Through the constant desire and push to work on myself, I have seen a self transformation. A beautiful and positive transformation. Setting up this group is to spread my infectious passion for self improvement!🤩

I want to give back and share some of the lessons I picked along the way. More importantly I want to learn from the self improvers or those willing to self improve, who will I'm sure bring much to the group. I want to create an environment that supports and accepts self development unapologetically. A platform to dissect our abilities and look at improving them, a safe non judgemental environment for all.😊

We should not and will underestimate the importance of a group of people with a common goal. I strongly believe in that by coming together we will inspire, motivate and push each other to work harder on ourselves. It will be hard but we will keep at it hard to get there and reach the best version of ourselves!!!🌍

I'll aim to have a meet up a month at least, if not more, preferably on a Sunday.

Review from members about the Meetup: "People pay thousands to learn the ideas we shared in meet-up on Sunday, such an awesome group"
This group is more face to face connection so please do network within events if you would like to share online things.

There is no entry fee, but please do support the venues by purchasing drinks or food whilst you are there. If you'd like to help me cover the cost of running the meetup and keep my meetup work going, I accept donations here (can be done through PayPal): https://ko-fi.com/nazsbristolmeetups

Thanks for joining!:). You journey begins here!👏👍✊
*Disclaimer: This group doesn't propose to provide any sort of professional service. It doesn't take responsibility for anyones wellbeing or possessions. Please be sensible. It's purely a private effort on my side to bring people together who are like minded!

*This group will not tolerate hate, racism, personal insults and attacks, sexism or other extremist views and behaviours!

*Please also check my other meetup, great for making friends and getting involved in social events:
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☀️A Self-improvement Meetup, topic: changing your mind/neuroplasticity☀️

Join me and meet new and old members in this discussion focused self-development social meetup. ☕🤓🏞️

The topic I would like to focus on this time is changing your mind/neuroplasticity (please note that the topic may change near the date but it will still focus on self development in a fun manner). I usually begin the meetup with a little talk on the topic, exploring some of the main concepts around the topic and to get us started, so please be on time. I will try to put together a fun group activity focused on the topic. The group context will make this more exercise powerful and lasting. Don't panic, you won't have to do anything too stressful and I will be there to support as much as I can of course😄. Just bring a pen and some paper please just in case these are needed. I will have some extra on me anyway😃🙌

It will be fun, enjoyable, full of new friendships and brimming with new meaningful connections! The meetups are usually buzzing with conversations, ideas, and people really enjoy them as I do! Trust me you will go away with a great experience!

👉3pm meet at Horts top floor and greet new people freely usually for first 15mins;

👉 I will give a little talk on hanging your mind/neuroplasticity, and what main powerful tools are available to enact this, 15mis

👉Interactive group activity - probably a discussion about the topic

👉Conclusion round 5pmish usually, we end with a beautiful walk round harbourside which is stunning in the evening depending on weather, or head to somewhere more pubby for a few extended drinks to network and socialise.🍷

Looking forward to seeing you all! Trust me it'll be fun!👌

There is no entry fee and the venue does not plan to charge to me, but please do support them by purchasing drinks or food whilst you are there. If you'd like to help me cover the cost of running the meetup and keep my meetup work going, I accept donations here (can be done through PayPal): https://ko-fi.com/nazsbristolmeetups

*Disclaimer I'm not a professional and your bear full responsibility for any ideas / health routines you learn in the group. Please consult with your doctor before taking any actions


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