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How to speak effectively in public
One of the lessons of history is how powerful a clear and well crafted speech can be. We recognise the skill in these great speeches that moved crowds and nations, and the importance of public speaking as an everyday skill has grown over the years. It is employed daily in an astonishing range of situations: sales presentations, school assemblies, youtube clips, wedding celebrations, university assessments, political campaigns - and beyond. Regardless of the situation in which it is employed, public speaking is an ancient art with enduring principles for capturing your audiences attention. In this practical workshop, you will learn these ancient principles and techniques, blend them with refinements from more modern works in the field, and practice employing them in short speeches before an audience. You will learn: - How to connect with your audience - How to manage your nerves - How to structure your speech - How to gain and hold your audience's attention The session will start at 7.30 sharp and end at 9.30 - we have a lot to cover so please arrive a few minutes early to ensure we start on time. As usual, there is no fixed cost for this workshop, but if you receive value, a donation of a few pounds towards room hire is welcome. Please contact me if you have any questions.

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    What we're about

    Everyone should have access to great personal skills training so they can be more effective at what they choose to do in life.

    Talent and ideas are cheap and plentiful. It is effective execution which is the rare and undervalued resource.

    This recognition is why I have organised these interactive workshops. You should attend if you wish to become more skilled at managing your life: a producer more than a consumer; a more effective learner; a more decisive leader. A more focused thinker, capable of bold action.

    Each workshop focuses on one of the following themes:

    - Setting your goals; realising your purpose
    - The art of effective learning
    - Focusing on essential tasks; managing distractions
    - Getting motivated; getting disciplined
    - Communicating effectively
    - Thinking creatively
    - Leading others - and yourself
    - Speaking in public
    - Organising for action

    Each session will begin with input and ideas from key writers in the field, followed by discussion and other activities. The aim is for the sessions to be highly interactive, giving you practical tools and strategies, piercing right to the heart of obstacles you face. The sessions have been successful if you leave inspired and more likely to achieve your goals.

    These workshops have no fixed price and all are welcome to attend. Pay nothing if you wish, but donations are welcome if you feel you have received value.

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