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Feedback from members:

'Another fantastic workshop. Thank you so much! A good balance of theory/info & workshops/reflection. Looking forward to the next session'

' A fantastic way for self reflection and a very needed encouragement to be positive with myself! and find the strength to be resilient! Thank you very much!'

'Great, practical session on an important topic. I really enjoy these sessions.'

Everyone should have access to great personal skills training so they can be more effective at what they choose to do in life.

Talent and ideas are cheap and plentiful. It is effective execution which is the rare and undervalued resource.

This recognition is why I have organised these interactive workshops. You should attend if you wish to become more skilled at managing your life: a producer more than a consumer; a more effective learner; a more decisive leader. A more focused thinker, capable of bold action.

Each workshop focuses on one of the following themes, teaching you how to:

· Set your goals; realise your purpose

· Focus on your essential tasks; manage distractions

· Develop the habits of success

· Become more motivated & disciplined

· Think and act with creativity

· Lead yourself and others

· Speak powerfully in public

· Organise yourself for action

· Develop greater resilience and flexibility

· Communicate with persuasion & influence

Each session draws heavily on the top books in each field, followed by discussion and practical activities. The sessions are highly interactive, equipping you with tools and strategies so that you leave inspired and more likely to achieve your goals.

There is a contribution for each workshop of £5.99. This covers room hire and other costs. For this, you'll get 2 hours of potentially life changing input: condensed insights from top books; interesting and developmental workshop activities facilitated by a professional trainer; the opportunity to meet like minded people and discuss the content with them.

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