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Bristol Philosophy Club hosts fascinating talks and events exploring philosophy, psychology, spirituality, mental health and well-being, culture and politics.

We invite high-quality speakers and encourage respectful, intelligent and empathetic conversation between our members.

Bristol Philosophy Club is the sister organisation to the London Philosophy Club, the largest philosophy club in the world.

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History of Ideas: Socrates and the Pre-Socratics

Online event


Socrates said that 'all I teach my students is how to take care of their souls'. The Delphic Oracle said he was the wisest man alive. And yet Athens, the first liberal democracy in the world, put Socrates to death. Discover why in this 90 minute online workshop and discussion group.

I will teach some the ideas of the Pre-Socratics (Pythagoras, Heraclitus and Thales) before focusing on Socrates, his life and key ideas. Attendees will also be put into breakout rooms to meet and discuss the ideas, before we come together to discuss them in a group.

Everyone will be sent a recording of the session, and a worksheet.
You can buy the video for the previous session, on the Upanishads, at my store:

Reviews of the previous session:
'Absolutely loved the History of Ideas session yesterday- it was a real eye-opener' - Simrin
'Really appreciated the chance to discuss with others in breakouts' - Shar

Reviews for Jules as a teacher:
'The best external speaker we've had' - Netflix
'Jules' philosophy club was the best thing we did all season' - Saracens RFC
'Jules shows philosophy is not just for the stuffy classroom, it's also for life'. Matthew Syed

Tickets for this session cost £10. I'll send everyone the zoom link plus preparatory reading a few days before the session, and again on the day itself.

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History of Ideas: The Upanishads

Online event


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