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Welcome to the Project Data Analytics Community. We created this meet up to share best practise on leveraging data within a project, programme and portfolio environment. We all know that data has the potential to transform how projects, programmes and portfolios are delivered, but practical implementation constraints often prevent the full value from being realised. This meetup will explore some of the challenges at the intersection of data analysis and project, programme and portfolio management and discuss how practitioners are working to resolve them, underpinned by real world examples.

We'll also explore how machine learning and AI can help to resolve some of the challenges at the intersection of project / programme management and big data.

The Bristol meetup will be held on the first Tuesday of the month at RSM's offices.

Please check out our community site at http://projectdataanalytics.uk . We are in the process of refreshing it but it will have details of events, community news, videos, slides, blogs and a series of resources on how to get started in project data analytics.

We also have a London meetup and great Hackathon on 23-24 Feb at the Microsoft Reactor in London. Masterclasses, real data, free Azure passes for the weekend, prizes and expert advice on hand. Tickets available at this link ( https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/projecthack-february-2019-tickets-53220638362 ).

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From AI and Cloud services to Robotics; How data science will transform projects

How can technology help with the science, freeing humans to do more of the art and generate new science? This talk will explore some of the ways new technologies could change how we do our jobs in Project Management: including a walk through robotic process automation, AI and machine learning, cloud services, collaboration and communication software. How we deploy them, use cases and how roles will evolve. We will also be touching on what else is on the horizon. We may be the people who ‘implement’ new technologies – that’s often what our projects deliver, but do we exploit those same technologies within our projects? Do we leave behind new capabilities and ways of working that could help organisations work more efficiently? Wrapping up with a Q&A session, bring along your Digital and Technology related questions Dawn Brewer, RSM Dawn is a chartered IT and project management professional with a track record implementing enterprise wide IT systems that deliver genuine business benefits. Dawn has a focus on real ROI: swift identification of quick wins, greater profit, competitive advantages, or acquisition. So far, she has enabled millions of pounds of improvement and change. Dawn works in the Digital and IT Strategy team in RSM UK Consulting LLP.

Tour de France to Project Data Analytics; Cutting edge approaches to data

We held this event in London in 2018 and it was one of our best events of the year. We are delighted that Wayne has agreed to join us in Bristol to deliver it. It is a really eye opening and inspirational talk. Having been a technology partner with the Tour de France for 4 years, Dimension Data have been pivotal in transforming how the Tour de France is viewed, and how diverse fans and viewers interact with the event. They’ve used the data to tell better stories and are now changing the way data is used to predict outcomes, with 71% accuracy in predicting the daily top 5 rider predictions. They are also working towards the concept of an 'audience of one’ with views and data tailored to the specific demands of the people. They will be running us through their approach to data science and analytics, how things evolved since their 1st Tour in 2015, how they went about it, insights into their current capabilities and how this adds value to the fans, teams and sponsors. Wayne will also be delving into the challenges they had to overcome and how they did it, successes and failures and how much further they can take it. They will then be reading all of this across to the world of project management and providing insights into the art of the possible, challenges and advice on implementation. About Wayne Speechly: Wayne is Managing Director, Digital Advisory at Dimension Data and is responsible for for the digital and organisational transformation practice. As digital is here, many organisations need to recognise how they change ideas and behaviour to solve the right problems, before understanding how best technology is able to deliver outcomes.

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