Ants, Guerrillas & Emergence – How might we manage so well we become irrelevant?


The world, and projects seeking to change it, are becoming inherently more complex and chaotic… Do factors like pace, scale, connections, stakeholders, and technological variety make many projects unmanageable?

We structure most of our management based a traditional conception of an ordered predictable world, but maybe we need to revisit this and learn from thinking based evolutionary systems… or lean start-up as the business community calls it.

The role of managers and leaders changes to become radically different; the information flow and analytics required moves from a ‘control and direct’ paradigm to facilitating feedback loops in a complex system

I don’t have the answers though, just the questions and some inspiration.. So, we will ideate together through a high energy, structured design thinking session.

Bernard Panes is a Solution Architect within Accenture Digital with a focus on Analytics and Artificial Intelligence in life sciences, where he shapes complex transformation programs.

As a design thinking facilitator and storyteller he is particularly passionate about stimulating fresh thinking and lean start-up approaches to large organisations. Bernard is also an enthusiastic speaker and thinker with driving themes of emergent complexity and biomimicry.

Despite his expertise, he is often sceptical about how anyone can assure or plan delivery in an ever more chaotic digital world.

We hope you can join us to imagine the future of data & analytics in project management.