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30s and 40s Social
A social event for people aged 30s and 40s. 20s are also welcome (over 50, sorry, not this one. The other events here are for you). The Tobacco Factory is a large warehouse bar on the South side of the river. This bar is popular for our group, so we are usually well attended here. If you haven't been here before, it's a real Bristol gem! We have a very good relationship with the friendly management and staff, here. We will be in the area to the right of the entrance, BEFORE you get to the Snug Room. There will be Meetup signs, and Shelley will be looking out for you! Tel:[masked] Parking is free on street. You can plan your journey by public transport here: This event costs £4. This will be payable on entry, on the night. Please let me know names of anyone you may be bringing with you in advance. Please also adjust your attendance if you decide not to come at any time; it will probably make a difference to the booking size, room allocation, numbers of staff, etc. You are welcome to arrive late; there are usually a few of us still here by closing time. But you are advised to attend by 9pm in order to mix with the majority of people. The fee will also still apply whatever time you arrive, so please make the most of it! You may also attend if you miss the booking list, or are not a member, and there is space for you. Please let me know that you intend to come along. I will greet you and facilitate this meetup as best I can, and I hope to get to chat with you too :) Shelley

Tobacco Factory

Raleigh Road/ North Street corner, Bedminster, Bristol. · BS3 1TF


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What we're about

This is a really good group for brand new meetup members who might be nervous of walking into a room full of strangers, or just for those looking for a well organised friendly and welcoming event.

The group is for adults not currently in relationship, to meet others socially. This is not specifically a dating group, more a social group; a way to meet new people in the same boat as you. There will be some people here looking for love, but more are looking for friendship, community, or just a social evening out. Primarily though, this group is about meeting people face to face, rather than communicating over the internet.

The people in this group:

Whilst all ages are welcome, and present here, it has to be said that we don't get many people in their 20s. I have an event for people in their 30s and 40s every month, and also a 45+ event every month. I also have a mixed age event, labelled just 'Social for everyone'

People new to Bristol/ UK (some practising their English. This is a welcoming multicultural group).

People recently divorced, separated, or previously widowed.

People whose friends are in relationship, don't go out because of child care commitments, or can't be bothered!

People who may be nervous at first, or uncertain where and how to meet others. This is a good group for these!

People not ready for dating

People who are!

Above all, people who like to socialise.

I find that the people in this group are generally polite, good people.


At the moment we have bar socials on Wednesdays, roughly every other week.

At most events I encourage people to stand, to make it easier to socialise. But there are always seats available too.

Occasionally we have a new members night. This is an event for people who want a little more facilitation than random social events. However, there are always new members at each event. You will always be introduced to other new members here, and will be well looked after by the friendly members of this group, and my team.

We have a 30s and 40s Social.

We also have a 45+ event. Anyone over the age of 45 is welcome here.

We also have a mixed social, where anyone of any age is welcome.

All of these are popular.

Usually at least 1/3 of the people at each social are first timers and nervous! Most people were the same once! This is not a cliquey group; friendliness is fostered from the beginning. The people here want to meet new people, as well as feel comfortable with people they've met before. I also make it my job to greet you, to encourage approachability, and to facilitate, so that new members in particular, are put at ease (see testimonials for the group, see also comments on each past event).

Events are held in various popular, and well researched bars in Bristol; in Clifton, Park Street, Whiteladies Rd, Cotham, Redland, Bristol Centre, Gloucester Road, Bedminster, Totterdown. My aim is to help you get to know some of the best bars and areas that Bristol has to offer, so new bars are added to our venues regularly.

At the venue, please ask for Shelley's area, and look out for Meetup signs nearby. Shelley will be looking for you too. We will always have a private area reserved for us, and sometimes have the whole bar to ourselves. We will never have a sign saying 'single' or 'social solos.' Though we often have a lot of interest in our group from other people in the bar! Please also read the information for specific meetups; there may be specific information for that meetup location.


To join this group is free.

All events are £4 to be paid on entry.

I receive many compliments for being well organised, for facilitation, and for putting people at ease. It is my time and attention to detail that you pay for. This group has been appreciated for years.


Please note that you can adjust your settings to decide which notifications you receive from this group (sometimes the website sends too many, especially if you join other groups too, so be discerning!)

One of our members has informed me that his name came up in web listings for social events, after clicking 'attending' to an event organised by another website/ social group. I don't know if this happens with Meetup. Perhaps if you are worried about this happening to you, use a pseudonym.

How to get the most out of the Social Solos group:

If you are technically minded enough (don't worry if not! are very good at helping you out with technical difficulty. Just email them), have a clear profile photo of your face, so that other members can see who you are, and find you between socials.

Interact with members between socials using meetup's email system and my Facebook Page.

You are much more likely to make friends if you come to events regularly, and without other friends. There is an event available to you almost every other week of the year. MANY people come to these events to see other people they have met at previous events, and for the sense of friendly community. There are also lots of new people each time, who are welcomed by all of us (at least 1/3 of people at each event) This is an ever evolving community and it seems to make people happy!


You have everything you need on this website, but in order to attract more people in the same boat, for us all to meet, I have a Facebook page . You can add me as a friend.

I'll look forward to chatting with you when I get the chance!



(Whilst other groups have many organisers and lots of different activities, I prefer to keep it simple and effective. Currently I am the sole organiser of this group and these events. Ocasionally I have assistance if events are busy. This group is run very differently to the others that you may have joined on, where some are businesses and others are free and random community groups. This group started as a community group, and developed due to demand. Please see why for yourself!)

Please see my newsletters, under the tab at the top of the home page, marked 'Discussions', for more information about this group.

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