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Note to new and relatively new members: Please feel free to join the online study groups, even if you're new to the group or new to the Tarot. The study group format is always pretty much the same, but every conversation is different, as we have different cards and different people attending each time.

Biweekly online (for now) meeting for people interested in exploring the Tarot. Each session we'll discuss the imagery, meanings and interpretations of three cards chosen at random, then have a go at interpreting a reading.

Groups are facilitated so that everyone, from newbie to expert, can offer something of value to the group, so don't let lack of knowledge or expertise (or confidence) put you off if you're interested. We'll focus on the imagery of the Waite-Smith deck, but feel free to bring your own favourite deck to discuss and interpret. You do not need your own deck to participate.

This is not a course, so you don't need to attend regularly to 'keep up'--feel free to drop in whenever it suits you; every study group is different.

I had initially run the online study groups free of charge, but a) we've gone online indefinitely for the time being and b) I still need to pay about £180 per year for our Meetup subscription, so I'm now asking for £2 per study group from each person. I may increase this to £3 when I get my next invoice from Meetup.

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Gauging interest in starting to set up in-person study groups. When we were doing the group in Manchester we regularly met monthly at a pub; we may not yet be ready to set up a regular in-person event but I thought it might be fun to try getting together to see if and how we want to explore Tarot together. I haven't picked a location yet; we could meet at a pub outside, or at a park/on the Downs, or if there are six or fewer of us I can invite you to my house (which has a large patio deck accessible from the street). Let's see what we think--if you have ideas please add a comment or message me.

I'm not going to mandate a fee for this event, but donations toward paying for the Meetup hosting (which costs me about £200 a year) would be welcome.

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