Bristol Tech Women - Code and Chat (Like a Stitch and Bitch - but tech)

This is a past event

26 people went

Framework co-working

35 King Street · City of Bristol

How to find us

Near Bristol Old Vic on Kings St. Look for the 'Raj' restaurant sign with an elephant on it. Next to that. Downstairs & wheelchair accessible but with some bumps on the uneven floor. Huge apologies to those who would find uneven floor uncomfortable.

Location image of event venue


Sometimes you need to blow off a little steam about what irks you about being a marginalised person in the tech world.

We have 3-4 speakers in the local tech scene for a 'panel' type event where they'll talk about their experiences in tech as marginalised people and a time for Q&A.

Including frustrations like:

"Male dominance leading to an all too frequently voiced opinion that only CIS gendered males can be the best engineers"

"My biggest frustration is as a female I very rarely get direct recognition for the hard work and the accomplishments I achieve for my organisation. I see my male colleagues getting praise and a ‘pat on the back’ practically on a weekly basis for achieving less."

"My biggest frustration is women putting their hands up in meetings and saying something, all the guys (and sometimes the women too) nodding, and passing the comment over. And then a while later (sometimes a week or two, sometimes a day or two, sometime a few minutes) one of the *guys* puts their hands up and gives out the same idea. And everyone in the room says "Heck yeah! Great idea! Let's DO that!!"

"I am so incredibly fed up with seeing strong, creative, resourceful, knowledgeable women have their input sidelined - or worse, stolen and rebranded as 'Masculine, From a Real Man' and therefore 'Superior'. I see this behaviour from both genders."

Amazing quotes from the panelists!

This event actively sought Women of Colour, LGBTQIA+, Trans, Non-binary and intersectional people in tech locally and UK wide to speak for this event.