What we're about

A community/support network that is looking to support people who identify as Women and/or Gender non-conforming in the South West of the UK who are working in Technology, want to get into tech, are interested in tech or are Tech-Adjacent.

The community was largely interested in events that aren't just focussed on the positive tilt towards diversity in the tech space and that opportunities were made for members to have a space to talk about their frustrations and problems in a non-judgemental open space without the pressure to 'solve' those problems.

We hold 'stitch and bitch' type events with a panel of people around a single topic on a quarterly basis. The sessions are moderated but open discussion spaces rather than formal panels.

We do not go ahead with events unless there is diverse representation across the intersections of marginalisation.

That means:

- If there is not a person of colour in the 'panel' then we do not hold the event.

- If there is not an impaired person in the 'panel' then we do not hold the event.

- If there is not a person from the LGBTQIA+ community in the 'panel' then we do not hold the event.

We believe that that to take a stance of inclusion or it does not happen sends a signal to other organisations and the wider community that it is not excusable to hold tech events that re not representational of the different marginalisation groups.

We thank you for your ongoing interest and support :)

Due to relaunch in the Summer of 2019!

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