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This group is for Wiccans and Witches in the Bristol area. We will be running our two year 13 Knots training course and running events for Wiccans. We will also be connecting people to our network of Watsapp groups which allows for a connection with other Wiccans.

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Knot 1: The Sigilum Dei Aemeth (The Signs of the Truth of the Gods)

The Sigillum Dei Aemth: The Signs of the Truth of the Gods

This event is Knot 1, the first of the 13 Knots intoductory course for Wiccans. This is a modern mystery school touching on some of the secrets of Wicca. The course website is below.


This two hour session explaines how the connection between the elements and the magic circle used in Wicca is defined. The Knot deals with the four quarters of the magic circle and their representation as earth, air, fire and water. These elements are hidden in many artefacts, images, texts and symbols.

The purpose of the course is to open the students understanding of the images and artefacts around them. We will be looking at how Aristotle originally created the relative directions of earth, air, fire and water. Although this event is part of a course it is possible to attend this event without joining the course.

In order to attend this event you will need to join our Whatsapp network and be connected to this event's Whatsapp group. This is where the Zoom code will be released to. The link to do this is below

If you wish to join this event please visit the following site and we will connect you to it, or click on to this event and we will contact you


We will set up other events for members in this area off the back of our Watsapp network.

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