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This is a group for women that have an interest in self-development, like to set goals, and love a good natter and a slice of cake! I started this group as I'm new to Bristol and keen to meet some like minded-women. I'm a certified life coach and will be bringing my coaching skills to the table to offer some solid structure and guidance through the process of setting goals that are inspiring, challenging and attainable to help you feel amazing. I can't wait to bring together some epic women, set some goals and maybe make a pal or two.

The first workshop will be in September - stay tuned for details!

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Goal Setting Workshop for Bristol Gals

Racks Bar & Kitchen


Goal setting, done right, has the ability to move your life forward in a significant way, giving you a major sense of accomplishment and self reliance. Goal setting, done with a group of like minded women, is the same but way more fun! Join me in this quick fire workshop as I take you step by step through the process of reviewing your life as it is now, assessing where you want it to go, completing a 'brain decluttering' to explore all the new things you could introduce into your life and setting yourself some goals. By the end of the workshop you will: - have a clear plan that has you set you up for success - feel motivated and excited by your goals - already be in action towards achieving them - have a set of tips and tricks to maintain momentum - have met some incredible like-minded women - have an accountability group via Whatsapp if you choose to join it - and maybe make a new pal or two! This workshop is a fantastic way to make new friends, while working on your self development, and have fun in the process - I can't wait to see you there! Wondering who I am? Learn more here: www.indiadenley.com I will also be offering pro bono 1:1 coaching sessions to 3 attendees in exchange for valuable feedback. If you're keen to get into a little more detail about specific areas of your life and work on your wellbeing and confidence, then be sure to come along!

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