What we're about

Consider yourself one of the social elite, but just don't have the 'social' part down yet? Don't panic. We're here to help.

You'll fit in well with this group if some of these apply to you:

- You'd like to attend an event where the people are so much fun, you won't feel the need to check your phone.

- You have at least once wished they would turn the music down, so that you can hear people talk.

- You like the idea of a walk, as long as there is a pub lunch at the end of it.

- You have a gym membership (usage optional).

- Going clubbing is great in theory, but sleep gets in the way.

- You say "hello" out loud to random animals when you meet them (bonus point for asking "what's your name?").

- You get a bit excited at the idea of playing a board game or pub quiz.

- Mental health sounds fantastic, and you'll get around to it one day.

We run two events per month at least. Any other events are very welcome!

Things to note:

- This is for making friends, not a dating group (there are plenty of those!).

- I will be enforcing the age brackets! There are other groups for people in their 20s and 50s!

- I'm going to be fairly ruthless when it comes to banning people for poor behaviour. The group is here for people to feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible. Aggressive, rude or predatory behaviour won't be tolerated. Be especially careful messaging people you haven't met yet. Also, if you make people feel uncomfortable then you will be removed. This is entirely at my discretion, and I won't offer an explanation (to avoid getting into an argument!).

Upcoming events (1)

Midweek Make New Friends Night


Casual mid week drink or two. Bambalan has table tennis tables and an outdoor terrace. It's all upstairs! I will be there from 19:30. This won't be a late one, since it's a school night.

Past events (7)

Picnic, Prosecco and new Friends

Café Retreat

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