Refactoring - the low hanging fruit & Alan Turing's Leopard Spots

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James Towers: Refactoring - the low hanging fruit
James will talk about the refactors you can do everyday to avoid losing control of a file.

This was originally part of a presentation that was given at Immersive Labs and the developers there lapped it up! Expect live coding and super easy-to-read code by the end!

Will Heslam: Alan Turing's Leopard Spots
An exploration of Alan Turing's lasting contribution to biology: a surprisingly simple mathematical description of how animals like leopards, zebras and puffer fish may get their spots and stripes.

There will be lots of bright colours, gooey-looking shapes and hardware-accelerated matrix convolutions, running in the browser with Shadertoy.


Huge thank you to our sponsors Novate IT, SR2, Travel Local & Immersive labs.

Also our amazing hosts Zone Digital who will be supplying our space, food and drinks!

Video Recording Sponsored by Pusher

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