Feb 2020 - Accessibility 101 & Building mobile apps with React Native and Swift


Stuart Nelson - Accessibility 101

The talk is an overview of what web accessibility is, how it can be measured and some simple tips about improving the accessibility of your website.


Sam Ollason - My experience building mobile apps with React Native and Swift

React is a powerful JavaScript library for creating rich user interfaces. It was originally developed for the web for websites like Facebook and Instagram.

React Native is a way of using the same React technology to create mobile apps that automatically work on different platforms.

I share my experiences and the lessons l learnt from creating apps with React Native and talk about how it compares to developing native iOS apps and working with React for the web.


Kris Foster - Lightening talk - GraalVM - Java's Polyglot future, or, new ways to run JS

A quick intro into GraalVM, the new polygot run time from Oracle that can run JS / Node , Python, Ruby and how you can use it to build Polyglot programs