What we're about

Meetup group for people interested in distributed systems and related topics. The idea here is to meet, to start with a defined topic and to carry on the discussion.

The meetup starts with a presentation. It's usually about 30-40 minutes. After the presentation, there is enough time to debate about the presentation and about related (or unrelated) topics.

It could be a bit similar to what's known from un-conferences. The speaker is often not a deep-dived expert. He is "just" interested in the topic and he provides us with the introduction.

We would recommend checking the material linked to the particular session before coming. When you check the recommended sources (a presentation, a blog post, a podcast, a paper...) then you will be more likely able to discuss and you will be already in with prepared questions.

The presentation could be in English but we can switch to Czech if there is no English speaking person in the group.

We will be more than happy if there is somebody who likes to prepare a presentation on a topic he likes. Thus we can gain an agenda for some of the future meeting. Let us know!

Slack channel for queries and debates is here:

https://dist-sys.slack.com/messages/CHM59UJ1X/team/UHR7WUAAU/ (for joining you need to sign-up at https://dist-sys-slack.herokuapp.com (https://dist-sys-slack.herokuapp.com/))

We are currently hosted by Hazelcast offices at Moravské náměstí in Brno.

A bottle of beer is usually provided for free. Just come and join us.

Past events (6)

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Moravské náměstí

Raft consensus algorithm

Moravské náměstí

Introduction to stream processing

Moravské náměstí

Introduction to TLA+

Moravské náměstí

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