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[Webinar] 3 Techniques for Deeper Connections
[Webinar] 3 Techniques for Deeper Connections Join the call here at the start time To promote my upcoming workshop - Conversation Skills for Deep Connections - I'm running a free webinar this week (Wed 21 Nov, 8.30pm NZ time). In this webinar I'm going to give you the 3 top techniques I use every day to create deep and meaningful connections with people (without having to resort to manipulation or pretence). These simple and authentic processes have allowed me to find the woman of my dreams, do the work that I love, and make friends all over the world by just being myself. 1) Reflective Listening - how to listen and respond to someone in a way that leads the conversation deeper and keeps you present, so that people feel special and understood when they talk to you. 2) Showing Interest and Attraction - how to tell someone how you feel about them without being awkward, judgmental or creepy, so that you can create a more intense romantic connection or meaningful friendship. 3) Confident Body Language - how to hold yourself physically and speak in a way that commands attention and respect and makes you feel like you're 10-foot tall and bullet-proof, so that you can counter the effects of anxiety while ensuring you aren't interrupted or ignored. Each of these points will come with a simple step-by-step practical process you can apply right away to use these in real life. Obviously this webinar will also be to promote the workshop, but I give you these tips freely so that you can practice these skills immediately and see instant improvements to your social interactions and boost your social confidence. I look forward to sharing this wisdom with you. It transformed my social life from superficial and romantically dead to being surrounded by high-quality people, dating fascinating women (one of whom I'm about to marry, and connecting deeply with coaching clients from around the world, effortlessly. And yes, there will be a special workshop discount offered to the webinar attendees... PS. If you can't make the webinar but want to see the recording, email me [masked]

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What is BroJo? BroJo is a new international community, which is focused on helping people make the most of their lives. We take an authentic approach to developing true self-confidence, value-based living, and integrity.

We focus on building the philosophy, mindset and skills that will help you get the most value out of every day, and every person you meet.

Brojo is delivered in a community format, with a professional coaches and instructors in a small group setting, to keep things focused. Our Coaches introduce topics, training, and advice - and participants help each other to become stronger people, and to overcome personal life challenges.

What do we focus on?

Relationships: Find the friends and partners of your dreams, and connect with them deeply. Learn how to make your family, friendships, and romantic relationships stronger, more fulfilling, and built on a solid foundation of honesty. And, avoid the pitfalls that cause many relationships to suffer and fail.

Health: Basic skills and processes for keeping yourself fit and healthy, even with the most full-on life schedule. We look at psychological flexibility and strength, to ensure your mind serves your future helpfully.

Wealth: Maximum control over your financial future, your career, and your work relationships. Creating a purposeful existence through your work, hobbies and daily activities.

For more details, email Lead Coach Dan Munro or Brojo Coach for Toronto Vedrana on meetup, or check out the site

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