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Auric Imprint Reading-1 to 1 sessions only
The Auric Imprint Reading - *One to one sessions, not a group activity. Please contact me on[masked] to book You will gain the most benefit from this experience if you are self reflective and of course open minded. There will be a little personal work to complete before and after the main session. There are a variety of packages and options available which consist of single elements of, or the full package below. There are various options and packages including some or all of these elements: 1. To deeply contemplate and prepare 3 questions that you wish to have answered by the end of our sessions. 2. At the main session I will then tune into your energy and give my impressions of the auric field and then we will discuss that information in light of your three questions. 3. We will discuss positive solutions that can be used to bring healing on the mental, physical and emotional level. (Thereby clearing on the auric level) 4. After the session I will record and send to you an intuitive past life reading for you to study and deeply contemplate for a week or so. 5. We will then have a Skype call to discuss this and any other information, uncoverings that have occurred since the session. 6. An auric clearing / healing session completes the work on the physical level. You may of course then option for more private sessions or feed into one of my other classes or groups such as: The Consciousness/Psychic/ESP development group. For more information please visit

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Low cost group life coaching

Calling all of those many, many people who want to kick start their lives, understand how life is working and if not, how to get it working!. This is a small, informal group that bonds over an initial five week period by sharing our goals,aims and dreams and explores why, perhaps, they are not panning out.It is essentially life coaching for those who cannot pay privately or just feel more comfortable in a group scenario. Come join us.

Law of Attraction Courses

The law of attraction is a powerful force in the universe, the understanding of which can lead to significant gains both financially and on a deeper personal level also. These courses offer an opportunity to increase our power to undo the blocks that may hinder your ability to create the life that you desire, look at how to manifest deliberately and most importantly how to get in touch with and understand your personal beliefs and language that affects your outcomes.

Various other courses including Meditation and the Teachings of Bashar

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I am an experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist, life coach and teacher of meditation and psychology who just wants to save the world.


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