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Let's get together to discover more about the angelic realms .This meet up group has been set up to bring together lovely angelic minded individuals who possibly have previous angelic experiences to share with others whilst also allowing the heightening their own angelic knowledge . All levels of understanding are very much welcomed and the group aims to provide a supportive environment to explore more

The group is looking to deliver a variety of venues and group experiences that have fun and knowledge at the core and which will allow ways to naturally bring a greater sense of confidence to all connections

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Angel Workshop Connecting to the Angels of love and healing

The workshop is a lovely, gentle experience of connecting with the Archangel of Healing and the Angels of Love. The afternoon experience will cushion you in an atmosphere of support and open you to varied and different healing experiences in alignment to the Angels. Archangel Raphael's Emerald healing ray will offer the experience to feel this wonderful healing energy at a deep level for each and every one The afternoon will be a mix of practical exercises that help you connect with your own self-healing potential and allow the opening of your heart to more loving experiences. The afternoon is a chance to get away from the hustle of life, relax and take a wonderful breather with the help of the angels . I look forward to seeing you all The workshop will have the attached Eventbrite link 30 days before the workshop.

Connecting with the Angelic Realms Eternal love light and truth

This is the 2nd workshop scheduled for 2019 in Bexleyheath and one of the last full - day workshops as I will be concentrating on half day intense Angelic workshops in 2020.Please take advantage of one of these longer workshops while it is still available . This workshop will concentrate on our own authenticity, truth and purpose.The wonderful help we receive from our guardian angel and the illuminating angelic realm will be called on via invocations in this workshop. Through a series of practical exercises such as connecting to our higher chakras, healing our old soul programming , clearing procedures this will then enable us to find out more about our life path This workshop is pay on the day or call Jan to reserve a place

lindas birthday coffee

Needs a location

This is another coffee meetup to celebrate Lindas birthday but also as a stop gap from Christmas shopping and the hustle of life and juggling. We can celebrate with cake laughter and fun generally. The day will involve Angel cards but I will give you all a small 5 minute reading of what's coming up for 2020 for you all individually x

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