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Are you a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? Do you live in the DC metropolitan area? Do you want to meet up with other bronies to hang out, chat, and just have fun? This is the group for you!

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My Little G3 and G3.5 What Monstrosity Are We Watching Pony

Closest Metro Stop: Vienna/FairfaxGMU on the orange line (7 minute drive) Foodshare & Rideshare: https://goo.gl/kT6qUe Oh my Lord. Are we really gonna do this? For the 7+ years of the DC Bronies, we have never gotten together for the sole purpose to watch what was easily the worst of the generations. 1 was badass. 2 was alright. 3 was ..... well it had Minty. But 3.5? Oh my God 3.5. This is a special kind of hell we will do together. Yes, we will get together to watch ALL the 3.5 shorts and some of the special from the 3rd generation! Just remember, without this we wouldn't have gotten the 4th generation that brought us all together. Oh boy. We will have the room from 1 PM to 5 PM sharp since the library will close at 5 PM. Afterwards we will go out for dinner at the nearby mall which has a ton of options! Come suffer with us together!

DC Bronies Manehattan Fashion Week Cosplay Party!

Petworth Neighborhood Library

Those who are not able to cosplay for this meetup are absolutely welcome to come! This is the monthly get together for our whole group so the usual shenanigans will commence throughout the day! Closest Metro stop: Georgia Ave-Petworth Station on the green/yellow line. It is an 8-10 minute walk from the station. Parking: Street parking is available around the facility. Also, there is a small parking lot at the back of the building and a separate lot adjacent to that. Link to foodshare: https://goo.gl/q1sYJE Meetup itinerary TBA Early February is hailed as "Fashion Week" in the city that never sleeps a few hours up I-95. Its two weeks of the latest trends, crazy designs and amazing talent seen for the world to gaze in the world of fashion. Hey, we know a pony like that! So what does that mean? Why its time for us to get together and be fabulous of course darling! This is a very, VERY cosplay friendly meetup to pony up fashion week in our own area! We will watch two of the best Rarity episodes when she made the trip to Manehattan, along with having our own runway show for those that choose to cosplay for the meetup! Its also the perfect showcase for those that wanna show what they have for Katsucon the week after! There are several options in town for food afterwards so once we leave the library at 4 PM, we will have dinner and find some fun in town then. Hope ya'll can make it to a party that is Rarity approved!

2019 Daytona 500 Watch Party!

Balto and Shido's House

Closest stop: Odenton train station on the MARC Penn Line For those that know me well, the Daytona 500 is my Christmas, Super Bowl and New Years all rolled into one and why not share my biggest day of the year with friends! Obviously early in the game so more details will come when available, but it will be a day of good food, good company and good racing! There will be a strict attendance cap for this so its first come, first served! The date and location is locked. I'll post a foodshare soon.

Smithsonian Museum Trot!

Smithsonian Station

**DATE IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE BASED ON GOV'T SHUTDOWN** Closest Metro Stop: Smithsonian Station on the Silver/Orange/Blue lines. Something we have not done as a group in a while is to check out the museums that we have inside of DC. Let's change that! Yes, we can live around here and be tourists as well :p There are several amazing museums to check out such as the Air & Space Museum, Museum of Natural History, Gallery of Art and Museum of American History! So many incredible moments in history and incredible artifacts can be found in this great collection of museums all within walking distance of each other. We will meet up outside the escalators outside of the Smithsonian Metro stop on the lawn end of Jefferson Dr SW. From there, we will decide which museum we will hit first and then go from there! It an open book to what we'll do that day. After we have our fun at the museums, we'll hit up a restaurant within walking distance to end the fun day. The restaurant we'll go to will be TBA as I want to go somewhere we can get a reservation beforehand so we aren't worrying about leaving folks out. Come on our for a fun day with friends, get some exercise in and see the cool stuff the Smithsonian has to offer!

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