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Whether you became a fan of My Little Pony in the wildly popular 4th generation or a fan from the very beginning, this is the right group for you! We are the DC Bronies, or fans of the franchise My Little Pony. We are an inclusive group that meet up to watch episodes, share our pony collections, hang out and always have fun! We are your safe haven for all things pony in the DMV region and we welcome you on this incredibl ride! Friendship is magic!

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Horseland Season 1 Discord Online Watch Party!

Online event

This will be on our DC Bronies Discord server! https://discord.gg/fySxvUS At the DC Bronies, we love to not only watch Friendship is Magic, but do we ever find some crazy obscure shows that involves talking horses! One of these such show is called Horseland. It is, a sight to behold. The character are, something. The dog talks like he is the fursona of Sean Connery. The horses look like computer generated OCs. And the graphics are, well, you just have to see. Watch all of season 1 together with us on a Sunday afternoon and get a few good laugh out of this monstrosity!

DC Bronies ArtPalooza 2020! (DATE TBA)

Central Library

Closest Metro Station - Virginia Square Station on the orange and silver lines Link to foodshare and rideshare - https://bit.ly/2v3S0b2 Calling all artists of all styles and all levels! Its time to get together and celebrate a day with our fellow local pony artists for fun activities such as art trades, turn based comics and speed drawings! A great opportunity to mingle with other local artists in a relaxed setting and to share you love, your passion for art. Rough schedule: Warm up speed drawings! Sketch book swaps! Changeling comics! Announcements Group photo Clean up Dinner time Please note due to the smaller room, there is a hard attendance cap of 25 people so if you know you are coming, please RSVP as soon as possible! After 5 PM, we will head to a nearby restaurant from the library for dinner.

DC Bronies At SeaquestriaFest 2021!

2100 Baltimore Ave

Link to the rideshare and roomshare: https://bit.ly/2QiZYVz Link to the Seaquestria website: https://www.seaquestriafest.com/ Group photo/Meetup: Time and location TBA "As the show, My Little Pony:Friendship is magic, comes to an end, along with several conventions, the fandom will still stay strong. Seaquestria Fest will be proof of that, as we go full steam ahead to create a loving environment for the Bronies, who continue to love the fandom even after all the content has ended. So join us in Maryland as one of the Brony fandom's newest conventions!" This con will be in our back yard of sorts in the always awesome Ocean City, MD. So let us make sure we come out as a group and support this con and show the world the Brony fandom is still alive and kicking! Also, one of our awesome members Marble Archer is the co-chair so extra reason to support the con! Also, did someone say THRASHERS FRIES DIET????

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Rainbow Dash Appreciation Day

8975 Guilford Rd

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