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Are you a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic-- do you collect pony merch, do you identify as a "brony" or "pegasister"? Do you live in the New York City metropolitan area, or visiting NYC? Do you want to meet up with other My Little Pony fans and hang out, chat, just have fun? This is the group for you!

We hold regular, organized, monthly meetups and lots of mini-meetups and events, many of them run by group members just like you! Check out our photo albums and discussions boards to see what's just taken place in our colorful world, and what's upcoming! We look forward to meeting you. /)


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Bronies Take Over the Ice

warinaco ice skating center

Heya EveryCreature! We will be hosting our 3rd annual (1st official) "Bronies take over the ice" skating event!! The free skate block is from 1:45-3:45 pm at Warinanco Ice Skating Center but come early to give yourself time to lace up your skates and drink something warm before heading on to the ice. For those of you that want to skate Admission to the rink is $6 and Skate Rentals are $5 (So $11 total for both) If you have your own skates bring them so you only have to pay admission! For those of you that don't want to skate there is a GREAT indoor area with a fireplace and cozy chairs plus a TV aimed on the ice if you wanna spectate! Snacks and drinks are also availible and quite delicious so feel free to eat junk food and come watch others get thier excersise! For those of you who have never skated before, are hesitant, or have but don't feel that confident as long as you are willing to try we will get you started!

Saturday Get Together - INCEPTION Edition!

Upper West Side Party Space


BWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG...... ...Now, with THAT out of the way... Welcome back once again to another edition of Saturday Get-Together's, where we have screens, computers, tables, and plenty of ways to use 'em! This time, our event falls on a very peculiar date; February 29th. Leap Day. A day that any other three out of four years would be declared an impossibility. An anomaly. And what a better date for being an oddity of a fandom and watching a film all about a descent INTO oddity? Alright, we'll stop now. Coming soon to a church party space near you: ****Episode Screenings**** --- Still a meetup group with a focus and dedication toward My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, so OF COURSE we'll be watching some more Pony! Re-watch some neon-colored horses with us all over again as we gear-up for...Pony Life, maybe...? ****Art**** --- Our painting and drawing table will be open as always! Feel free to bring your own supplies and even offer commissions if you'd like! Art art art it up! ****Games**** --- JackBox? Classic console Emulators? PS4s? Tabletop games? We've got you covered! Our board game table will be back, along with games on our projector AND the new flat-screen TV as well! Bring any games on your laptop or systems alike! We've got more options than ya know what to do with! ****High Quality Films 4 High Quality People**** --- This time for High Quality Films, our film screening will be celebrating the 10th Anniversary of what is quickly becoming a modern-day classic in Christopher Nolan's "INCEPTION" (2010), a mind-bending Sci-Fi/Action/Thriller that dazzled plenty when it was released and continues to do so to this day! Join us as we travel into dreams, dreams-within-dreams, dreams-within-dreams-within-dreams, watch crazy practical effects that should totally be fake, and debate ENDLESSLY over an ending that still gets people arguing to this day! If you have any questions or ideas for activities please write it down in the comments below! See ya there!

Bronies Nerf War 2020

Reiff Playground

DATE IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE Hey everypony, its time to dust off your plastic guns and straighten those foam darts because you all been summoned to war. Join your fellow bronies as you fight for the NEW LUNAR REPUBLIC or THE SOLAR EMPIRE, as you shoot down your enemies and help establish a new world order. Gun types: ALL NERF GUNS Allowed, with the exception of modified guns. NO MODIFIED GUNS. Factory standard only. Special Nerf guns that shoot arrows, bombs, grenades, etc are your own responsibility to bring. I will provide as much as i can with the standard Elite darts. Donations are always good. Swords, daggers, knives must be all foam and not sure how useful they will be. You can be either TACTICOOL or TACTICAL. Warplay: Both teams start on opposite end of field approaching each other, and start raining bullets on the enemy. If hit, you are frozen in place, and if all team members are frozen the battle is over and the team with at least one shooter not frozen wins. Medics will be on each team to unfreeze shooters, MEDICS CAN NOT BE SHOT. There is a trust system as well that if you get shot, just be honest say you did and freeze in place. We shall do a series of rounds, including Battle-Royal too. Always remember, IT'S NERF OR NOTHING!!!!!!!

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