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Meetup at Tempe Marketplace!

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Hey everyone. We here at the Bronies of Phoenix have learned that a lot of you want more weekday meetups on different weekdays.

Well, here you go. We're now bringing an event to you!

If this event is popular, we will start hosting it every month at multiple locations.

Now, this event consists of mostly just walking around, stopping at stores, and maybe grabbing dinner and a movie. (PS I would like to grab a movie if its cool with people)

Right now, everything is up in the air as this event is for you guys. This means that you guys will get to pick what we do!

Yeah, I know this is a funky day and everything, but please try to attend. I would love to see people here so I am not alone; you don't want me to be lonely, do you?

We should be there most of the night. Text or call me if you get lost or can't find us.

I hope you all have a great time.

Here is a timetable of what we will be doing. (Its a loose timetable so please check the comments or message me if you can not find us.)

-3:30 Leaves Barns and Nobles for the first time.
-4:30 We grab a bite to eat somewhere. (open to discussion)
-5:30 We head over to target and bestbuy to see what they have.
-6:30-7:00 We see a movie. (open to discussion)

602-366-9557 - Grae Ellman