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Hello members! On December 28th we'll being having another meetup at Acri Cafe (1315 Commerce Ave Bronx, NY 10461), which is right by the Westchester Sq stop on the 6 train. This meeting we will look at some of the history of astrology to get a general idea of how it came to be from thousands and thousands of years of sky watching and theory making. Also, we will look briefly into the mythology of the trickiest planet of them all: Mercury. When we understand the stories and qualities of the gods the planets are named after, it helps us to read their influence in a chart much better. Today, we will see what antics the Messenger of the Gods has gotten into, and how the planet Mercury has much in common. We also welcome donations though they are not required. With donations we can make sure we secure our space and have snacks and drinks for the meetup! Anything would be greatly appreciated.

Huntington Free Library

9 Westchester Square · Bronx , NY

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The purpose of this meetup is to bring together the astrology practitioners in the Bronx and to form a unified community where we share information and ask questions about our study in order to learn more about astrology. This is a crucial time in history where astrology needs to get organized and involved. This is an opportunity to meet other students of the stars and start putting out everything you have been learning on your own. 2017 is a crucial year for new beginnings and I'm sure that if you have been feeling passionate about astrology than you know its getting harder to keep that to yourself. Lets step into the next level and live this passion out. Ever,

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