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Welcome. This is an inclusive group for everyone who's looking to make friends and have fun playing D&D and other RPGs. Once we're able to connect in person again, we'll be creating local live games. We can play online meantime with anyone from anywhere who happens to find this Meetup. 
The best way to learn about D&D, or another game, is to get started, whether as a DM or player. It may take a few tries to find a group that's a great match for you. That's fine and normal. Don't make assumptions though. Be open-minded; you may be surprised about the new friends you make! How can this Meetup help DMs/GMs and players? 
Post a game as an Event for members to RSVP to. Direct message me, and I let's do that.

Post your game to the Discussion. Consider beginning your post: "Looking for Players" or "LFP" and include details about your game, to help players who are a good match find you:

• Game and Adventure: D&D 5e / Other - (adventure name or description)  

• Group type: Online / Face-to-face
• Experience: New / a few years / veteran
• Schedule: (describe when the group plays and any flexibility in that)
• Player slots available: (X of Y)
• One Shot or campaign: (a one shot can be a great way to test the chemistry of a potential new group)
• Game style: (Some information about what sort of game your group play e.g. casual, hardcore, roleplay, hack'n'slash)
• How to sign up or get in touch for more info: (reply to post, direct message, other)

If you're a player looking for a game, search the Meetup Discussion for games, or post your availability to the Discussion. Consider beginning your post: "Looking for Group" or "LFG" and include details about yourself, to help DMs/GMs who are a good match find you:
• Game: D&D 5e / Other

• Group preferred: Online / Face-to-face / either
• Experience: New / a few years / veteran
• Availability: (describe when you're available)
• Game style: (Some information about what sort of game you're looking for e.g. casual, hardcore, roleplay, hack 'n' slash).

• How to reach you: (reply to post, direct message, other)

All upcoming dance parties are announced here: https://dance123.club/

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Tuesday Dance - Disco / Pop / House Party (Free Zoom Dance Party)

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Let's dance together with other crazy people ... just free style dancing in a group ... with DJ Berlin123 ... live ...

Tuesday Dance is a small, cozy afterhours dance party in the middle of the week ... every party has a different theme/music style, you can check this on the dance123.club website (see link below) ...

Celebrate easily and worldwide FREE OF CHARGE via Zoom video meeting ... with notebook, tablet or mobile phone ... whether alone or with friends ... whether in the park, in the party room or at home ...


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Tuesday Dance - 80s Pop (Free Zoom Dance Party)

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