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Welcome to Brooklyn Creative And Entrepreneur Network (BESN)!
Whether you are just starting out in the world of business or are working on business number one-hundred, the Brooklyn Creative And Entrepreneur Network's goal is to help you meet potential business partners, investors, and most importantly more clients.

You are here because you know this is the best time to start your own business and you are right! Established in 2015, today Brooklyn Entrepreneurs And Startup Network is the fastest growing organization serving the entrepreneur/startup community of the Brooklyn area.

Brooklyn Creative And Entrepreneur Network members include but are not limited to: startups entrepreneurs, small business owners, angel and accredited investors, venture capital managers, crowdfunding experts, and people looking to enjoy the many benefits of being their own boss!

We invite you to learn more about Brooklyn Creative And Entrepreneur Network , by joining us at our next networking, pitching or raising money through (joint ventures, syndications, crowdfunding) event.

Guests are always welcome and RSVP'ing is highly encouraged

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Jobs in Marketing, Advertising & PR - A Career Roundtable for JobSeekers

Are you passionate about a career in Marketing, Advertising or Public Relations? NY Career Meetup will answer these tough questions and much more. This exclusive, info-packed event will feature experienced marketing, advertising and public relations professionals and recruiters, a career coach, lots of experience and one agenda: How to get a job in Marketing, Advertising & Public Relations Click on the Link below to Confirm Registration: https://bit.ly/2FT3alx Who Should Attend? Those professionals looking for savvy, inside info. on the NYC Marketing, Advertising & Public Relations job market, including: -‘Must-know’ facts before you apply: job market culture, trends -Up and coming /” hot” jobs -SEO, social media marketing, freelancing and alternative/developing career areas -Possible career trajectories -What experience and skills recruiters are looking for -Smart strategies and methodologies for your job search -Savvy ways to market yourself as a candidate -How to enter marketing, advertising or PR, as a fresh grad, or a career changer And more *Complimentary light snacks will be served* Click on the Link below to Confirm Registration: https://bit.ly/2FT3alx Panelists: Scott Levine Scott has a Marketing MBA with two First Place Gold ECHO awards to his credit. He is Proficient in multiple marketing platforms and has about 12 years of experience in Marketing field. He has actively been involved in Digital content creation, Engagement Marketing Management. Currently he is working with a startup BioCatch where he has been wearing different hats as Marketing Manager and has been involved in generating Marketing Campaigns, event planning and supporting other channel sales. https://www.linkedin.com/in/scottpaullevine/ Anita Matalia She has experience in B2C & B2B client and program management & custom production, sales development and product marketing. She has served various roles in Marketing field as Sr. Product Manager for Sales Development & Operations at CBS Digital Media, Director of Global Advertising Production at The Wall Street Journal and Director of Sales and Development & Ad Product Strategy at Trulia https://www.linkedin.com/in/anitamatalia/ Stephanie Carmen Glazer Executive Managing Director/Recruiter/Mesia Advertising Sales/Digital Marketing, Media Staffing Solutions Media Staffing Solutions is an Executive Search and Consulting firm that specializes in the placement of Digital and Media talent. We recruit for Startups, Fortune 500 companies, Advertising Agencies/Marketing Companies, Technology Firms and Publishers. Media Staffing Solutions has extensive experience partnering with both agency and client-side brands to identify, recruit and secure game changing talent. https://www.linkedin.com/in/stephanie-carmen-glazer-49980469/ Moderator: Vicki Aubin Vicki Aubin ('The Rockin’ Career Coach') is a career transition and personal branding consultant who helps career rebels reinvent themselves. After launching her career in the music industry, Vicki spent over a decade in HR and Recruiting at Fortune 500 companies like Goldman Sachs, Deloitte & Touche and Morgan Stanley before launching her own career consultancy. In addition to having served as an interview coach at the NYU Stern School of Business and Rutgers Business School, Vicki is a career coach at The Flatiron School. Visit Vicki at therockincareercoach.com or @rockincareer. https://www.linkedin.com/in/vickiaubin Click on the Link below to Confirm Registration: https://bit.ly/2FT3alx About NY Career Meetup NY Career Meetup connects job seekers with Managers and Employers who make hiring decisions through its events and gives them a chance to know about employment opportunities and gather information about companies/ individuals who are currently hiring. Join NY Career Meetup http://www.meetup.com/NY-Career-Meetup/ https://www.facebook.com/NyCareerGroup Click on the Link below to Confirm Registration: https://bit.ly/2FT3alx

Bitcoin / Altcoins & Crytocurrency Enthusiast Night - Crypto Gathering.

Please RSVP at the link - https://bit.ly/2F8bNrG RSVP MANDATORY FREE BITCOIN TOKEN (PHYSICAL COIN) WITH PAID RSVP One of the Best and Regular Bitcoin/Altcoin and Cryptocurrency Enthusiast gatherings in the New York An open and informal program for anyone interested in digital currencys and blockchain. There are so many projects and companies in what we think of the "Bitcoin Space." The first born is off-course Bitcoin, but now there are hundreds of altcoins too. Many of us are interested in mining, or trading coins or just learning more. The gathering brings together a diverse group of people from all levels and backgrounds without any barriers in order to give this important new technology and money making machine called crypto currency a prominent role in society. For Bitcoin/Crypto Currency novices and experts alike. Beginners, investors, entrepreneurs, developers, miners, traders, legal professionals -- all find value in this event. One of the goals of the meetup is to promote the industry, to spread the word about Bitcoin & Altcoins (and related technology) in the New York by raising the overall level of awareness and knowledge. Target Audience: Everyone interested in different viewpoints about the nature of money in general, and of course of crypto-currencies in particular. No deep technical knowledge required. Please RSVP at the link - https://bit.ly/2F8bNrG RSVP MANDATORY _______________________________________________________________________ Please RSVP at the link - https://bit.ly/2F8bNrG RSVP MANDATORY What Happens At Crypto Gathering A lot of sharing of ideas, asking and answers questions, networking and learning. No formal presentations or speakers at this one. This meetup group is dedicated to creating a forum that addresses the interests of the group. You are the ones setting the agenda _______________________________________________________________________ Who are we - We're a group of Bitcoin/Crypto enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, developers and miners who meet regularly to discuss the future of Bitcoin and... The economy, banking and financial syste Cryptocurrency in general, alt-coins and other P2P networks, plus The politics and regulation of them Sometimes We'll also take a critical look at Smart Contracts. _______________________________________________________________________ Good-to-know: Meetups requires a RSVP (FIRST 50 RSVP ARE FREE) They last for ~3 hours You will meet serious and focused groups of individuals so it will be time well spend. _______________________________________________________________________ Resources for Learning: We Use Coins (http://www.weusecoins.com/en/) A Beginner's Guide to Bitcoin (http://www.coindesk.com/information/) Crypto Exchange BINANCE - http://bit.ly/2m9fqDn YOBIT - http://bit.ly/2m7XKYz Important Crypto related Twitter accounts http://on.mktw.net/2BpK3hU Bitcoin Wiki (https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Main_Page) / Subreddit (http://www.reddit.com/r/bitcoin) / CH-Subreddit (https://www.reddit.com/r/BitcoinCH/) / Forum (https://bitcointalk.org/) Value Investing (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Value_investing) in context of Crypto Assets. Smart Contracts (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smart_contract). Please RSVP at the link - https://bit.ly/2F8bNrG RSVP MANDATORY For Business Opportunities - [masked] Highlights From Last Event - http://bit.ly/2ox064x

Artificial Intelligence, Robotics & Machine Learning - Network With The Top Ones

Welcome to the 2019 Tech Development of 'thinking' computer systems RSVP ON EVENTBRITE MANDATORY. CLICK BELOW LINK https://bit.ly/2uVdAuF Are you Interested the Artificial Intelligence Robotics & Machine Learning (AIRML) Connect with professionals & experts interested in and working with Artificial Intelligence & (AIRML)* Come and meet (AIRML)* professionals in a relaxed atmosphere, and enjoy the evening to exchange contacts and learn more about THEIR Builder's actions in favor of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics & Machine Learning. RSVP ON EVENTBRITE MANDATORY. CLICK BELOW LINK https://bit.ly/2uVdAuF How to join? - This event has fee. - $10 --> 1 - 50 RSVPs & Paid on Eventbrite - $20 --> 50 - 100 RSVPs & Paid on Eventbrite - $40 --> 100 + or at Door Follow us on Twitter --> @TechWebTalks Tweet us for any questions & feedback! RSVP ON EVENTBRITE MANDATORY. CLICK BELOW LINK https://bit.ly/2uVdAuF How It Works? 6:30: Sign In , make sure to get your name tag. 7:00 Networking - come grab your drink! 8:15: Drinks, bites & networking continue 8:45: Giveaway & Time to say Goodbye! What to do? Once at the venue ask for 'Ai Event' from the hostess. She will point to location where event host will meet & greet you. You shall be given a name tag & participation gift. You will be guided to the main networking area. Event host shall be present at the event the entire time to answer any questions. Community NY Tech Tank: come and meet and exchange with learners and mentor while taking the opportunity to invite people met at forums, networking meetings or other professional event! We are one NY's largest and most diverse community of digital, tech and internet professionals providing thought-provoking meetups and voluntary activities. Workshops, competitions, debates and pro bono projects are the ingredients of events vision to change the world. Our past attendees work at leading firms like Amazon, Reed, PwC, Sky and as well as numerous start-up and agency superstars. Come and meet new professionals and learn more about the innovative support programs/events Want be a part of our fun, driven and qualified team? Join --> https://www.meetup.com/NYTechTank/ RSVP ON EVENTBRITE MANDATORY. CLICK BELOW LINK https://bit.ly/2uVdAuF

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