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Hey! This group is for anyone in this creative capital of Brooklyn that is interested in the real-world, serviceable, and effectively functional applications of AI. Whether you use AI for fun, profit, or anything in between, I want you to join the community. All skills levels are welcome. I come at this from a sales and marketing perspective (https://www.digitalmark360.com), but I want to create a community in Brooklyn that comes at AI from all different perspectives, and that are using it to any and every useful effect. I look forward to meeting you all and being part of this community. We are out here, we are creative, and gosh darnit, we are tired of schlepping to Manhattan for meetups ;-) No offence to our Manhattan brethren.

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TechTalk - Artificial Intelligence for Novices and Professionals

Description Brooklyn Artificial Intelligence Meetup Group is organizing a light educational seminar, where Maryam Farooq will provide an introduction into what AI is, what it isn't, and AI career paths. Also, Daniel Burke will talk a little about predictive analysis, sources and uses for unstructured data, and how businesses incorporate AI. Most importantly, there will be plenty of food and drinks for you to enjoy, while listening to Maryam and Daniel, or networking in the crowd! Speaker Biographies Maryam Farooq is the founder and director of New York Artificial Intelligence (NYAI), which she founded in May 2017, furthermore, she has been running many other AI events ever since January 2016. She has also served as the New York Managing Director and the Global Director of Client Experience for Machine Colony, which is a company that worked with governments and large enterprises to help them adopt AI at scale. Prior to Machine Colony, Maryam worked for several tech start-ups focusing on business development, product consulting, account management, or special projects. https://www.linkedin.com/in/maryamfarooqnyai/ Daniel Burke is a senior Machine Learning specialist at AWS, a leading cloud computing provider. In this role, Daniel helps a full range of companies – from large enterprises to start-ups – accelerate their adoption of machine learning. Daniel brings deep operational knowledge of the intersection of technology and business, having spent nearly 15 years advising companies and governments as a lawyer, management consultant, and chief of staff. Prior to his role at AWS, Daniel was CEO of Asta, an artificial intelligence company that built a proprietary combination of computer vision and natural language processing technology that helped media companies to predictively match video content to relevant audiences. Daniel is from Australia and lives in New York City. https://www.linkedin.com/in/dmhburke/

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Brooklyn Artifical Intelligence Happy Hour

Circa Brewing Co.

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