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Battletech #028: Dig, Defend, or Die
This is the confirmed date for Battletech #028: If you are a new player there is no need to bring any supplies (though you can if you want), I will be packing all the necessary maps, mini's, record sheets, dice, pen, and rule books needed for the meet-up. Also no need to know how to play, we're all happy to teach a new player the ropes. This game will be a base assault and destruction mission in the late 3040s. The scenario will be based on the Dig, Defend, or Die mission and played on the map from the 2018 WW Event. This is a new map for us. The list creation rules are as follows: - BV Budget: 3600 - At Least 2x Units - Mechs and Vehicles: Also, I am only going to allow a maximum of ONE assault per side. So if you select an assault, bring a back-up. If more than two assault mechs are presented there will be a roll-off to see who gets to drive it.

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    This group is about playing Battletech. If you are a new player looking to learn or an experienced player looking for a game. We run monthly games, typically 2nd Sunday of the month, at The Brooklyn Strategist. Join us and do battle across the 31st Century Inner Sphere.

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