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Who wants to engineer new and useful life forms? Explore your own genome? Test your food to see if the label is lying about what's in it? We are the Brooklyn biohackers, and we do all that and more when we meet at Biotech Without Borders, Brooklyn's community biotech lab. If you are interested in DIY biology, personal genomics, or just like to geek out with friends, this is your group. We meet for pizza and beer at least once a month, do hands-on lab work, hear science talks, and play with a variety of organisms from Acetobacter to Zebrafish.

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Human-Bacterial Relationships In Health and Disease

Biotech Without Borders

Come hear this fascinating talk by BwoB member Danny Chan! In the 1800's scientists began to provide evidence supporting the idea that microscopic organisms could cause disease. Since then, we have described a great diversity of interactions between humans and the microscopic life that lives on and in our bodies. One type of microbe, the bacteria, are now commonly known to participate not only in disease processes but also in healthy functioning. Join us for a discussion through various examples of how bacterial genes can help or harm our bodies and how our own genes participate in these processes.

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PCR and Pizza at Biotech Without Borders

Biotech Without Borders

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