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Are We Ready for Designer Babies? A Public Forum on Human Genetic Engineering
Join us at WeWork South Williamsburg for a public forum around engineering the human genome. For 100 years we have been imagining it in science fiction, but we are now at the point where it may become everyday reality through new technologies such as CRISPR. The Forum will begin with a discussion led by Dr. Ellen Jorgensen (What You Need To Know About CRISPR) about the newest developments in the area. Then we'll run through some very real scenarios to explore the social, economic and moral implications of editing our own evolution. Food and drink will be provided! This event is held in collaboration with the Museum of Science in Boston, who developed the Forum content for their NSF grant "Building With Biology". To get to the venue: The nearest subway stops are the J M Z stop at Marcy Ave and the L stop on Bedford Ave. Be sure to bring a photo ID. When you arrive at WeWork, please check in via the Guest Registration Tablet at the Front Desk noting you are a guest of Jordan Eck.

WeWork South Williamsburg

109 S 5th St · Brooklyn, NY

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    Who wants to engineer new and useful life forms? Explore your own genome? Test your food to see if the label is lying about what's in it? We are the Brooklyn biohackers, and we do all that and more when we meet at Biotech Without Borders, Brooklyn's community biotech lab. If you are interested in DIY biology, personal genomics, or just like to geek out with friends, this is your group. We meet for pizza and beer at least once a month, do hands-on lab work, hear science talks, and play with a variety of organisms from Acetobacter to Zebrafish.

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