What we're about

We are a group of writers who explore our emotions and tap into the potential of healing that comes with deep writing. Our events create a platform to investigate and discuss difficult emotions, something that is normally discouraged in our society, amongst an open-minded and supportive community. Our events also help to improve our storytelling skills and deepen our understanding of writing.

This is a group for anyone who feels they have something they want to make peace with or feelings they've been neglecting: it could be anything from a physical injury to a broken heart; stress from work or unpleasant past experiences. This is also a group designed for people interested in developing their writing and feel excited to transform their thoughts into powerful prose!

Workshops are open to all ages, identities, professional backgrounds, and writing abilities. Although sharing is never required, workshops provide a safe, confidential, and accepting environment to share and connect with others.

Please note: Prices vary depending on specific location/rental prices for each specific event.

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