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Panasonic GH4 x 2
Leica Nocticron 42.5mm / F1.2 Lens x 2
Rokinon manual 50mm / F1.2 Lens x 1
Edelkrone SliderPlus and HeadPlus x 1
Hover Passport Drone
Geranos Gimbal Stabilizer x 1
Audio Tehnica Microphone
Fovitec Studio Pro Light 600 panel x 2
Sony Lavalier wireless microphone x 2
Premier Pro / After Effects

I think what most folks have in common is the desire to get credits on good films and / or projects. Experienced film makers are welcome! Those familiar with festivals or have film submission info are also welcome. We want the projects / films to be seen! I attend Wework Labs and Im actively looking to speak to people familiar with the submission process (Netflix, Cannes, etc).

After participating in the ATT Create-a-thons and attending some meet ups, I wanted to create this group to film. Before we get all creative.. this is my view on the business of creativity. So we can make films and not just kick around ideas and network.

1. Story / Script - depending on the # of people, democratically select a story / script based on quality etc but also on feasibility of the ‘locations’ and ‘costumes’. Basically is it do-able? I often use the movie ‘The Breakfast Club’ because its filmed mostly in a HS library and its considered classic.

2. Locations -
A). I have access to Wework locations 24 / 7.
B.) Peerspace iPhone app. Many great locations for under 100/Hr
C.) I have a roof deck that overlooks the city
D.) Gimbal shots in transit - limited since lighting and NYC law is a factor

3. People - Depending on the # of people, A primary and secondary at min for each major function (script, directing/cam man, editing, audio).

4. Actors / actresses

Its important to schedule out tasks and be as efficient as possible with time and money. Many scenes can be rehearsed (recorded) at Wework. We can work out any issues with script at Wework. Then.. once everyone is happy with the test runs, either book a Wework (office scenes), Peerspace or someones house. Utilizing SLACK and DROPBOX, we can do this..

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