What we're about

Now, more than ever, the Brooklyn Landlord is in need of assistance.
While the cost to maintain a property increases, the State government and court system works to limit a Tenants rent and liability, while increasing the Landlords cost of doing business.
New York City is still one of the greatest real estate markets in the world, but one wrong move could bankrupt the most experienced investor.
The mission of the Brooklyn Landlords Association is to assist building owners in Kings County by providing sound business knowledge and guidance.
Each meeting will have one guest speaker that will present and educate the attendees on a topic pertinent to the Brooklyn Landlord community. It is through this forum that we endeavor to educate and support one another.
Bringing together landlords, and those service providers that assist landlords, will undoubtedly create immediate business opportunities. However, this group’s primary focus is education.
We are a not-for-profit group and any attendance fee will be used toward the cost of the food and refreshment provided.

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