What we're about

This is a welcoming group for short bursts of music-making.

The basic idea:
Bring a laptop and headphones*. We'll spend a short amount of time (~10 minutes) individually creating new musical sketches of any genre. Ten minutes is long enough to get the beginnings of an idea in place but short enough to encourage exploration, spontaneity, and experimentation. Nobody can make a masterpiece in ten minutes, and that's the point. Finally, we'll take turns playing our sketches back for each other, explaining anything interesting about them, and hearing others' thoughts. Rinse and repeat!

You'll get practice making music, thinking outside the box, sharing your tunes with others, and exchanging feedback. Plus, get a glimpse into others' music-making setups and creative processes.

*Or, bring whatever musical tools are your preference. Whatever you bring, you should be able to use it to quietly create a song and then, later, play the song out of the speakers we'll have. So probably headphones at the very least, plus something like: a laptop, a phone, a tablet, a drum machine, a synth, etc...

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