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This group is grounded in text-based discussions of philosophical works. It will cover many classical texts and thinkers in Western philosophy, and will occasionally incorporate readings in literature, poetry, and theater. This group is for people interested in addressing questions about meaning, being, knowing, and thinking; and we will use texts as a lens for examining these concepts. Anyone is welcome to participate--whether they are new to or revisiting these works.

This group began with reading a number of Plato dialogues, works by his contemporaries, and eventually some selections from Aristotle. We don't adhere to a strict chronological order in our reading (especially since Spring 2018), but are looking to establish a solid foundation in shared conceptual vocabulary as we learn to talk with each other and move forward into reading other texts. I am also very open to suggestions from members for specific works they are interested in reading as a group.

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Spinoza's "Ethics" - Part 5: Of the Power of the Understanding

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Spinoza's "Ethics"- Part 3: On the Origin and Nature of the Emotions

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Benedict de Spinoza's "Ethics" - Part 2 and 3

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