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Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we will not be hosting an in-person meetup this month. Instead, we're going to try a new format by hosting our speaker talk online through Zoom!

Our speakers will be talking about their privacy-focused work and share what privacy means to them and how they incorporate privacy into their work.

6:00pm-6:05pm – Log in to zoom! (By default, you should be muted. Please make sure you are muted and your video is off)
6:05pm - 6:20pm - Quick intros, Round-robin, BYOB & Snacks!
6:20pm - Talks begin

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Brooklyn Product Design, round-robin intros!


▢️────── πŸ”ˆ Talk 1 ───────▢️
How Do You Market "the Feeling of Privacy"?
by Elena Giralt, Product Marketing @ Electric Coin Company 🌟

In this talk, Elena will talk about a few lessons learned in her first six months working at Electric Coin Co, the company behind Zcash, a privacy-preserving cryptocurrency.



▢️────── πŸ”ˆ Talk 2 ───────▢️
Sensible Design: Building Ethically Personalized Digital Products
by Gabriel Valdivia, Head of Design @ Canopy 🌟

In this talk, Gabe will share some of the lessons learned from creating Canopy's privacy-focused consumer app, Tonic and how they map to an emerging trend in demanding 'Sensible' products.



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