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Link to *optional* worksheet! (save a copy to edit) - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1byhqnIaWx3v2Ii8i0D5lwjHf6lIiW36jyP3b0Kvk8zI/edit?usp=sharing

How might we apply a UX process to help us shape the lives we want to lead? How might we turn the Discovery phase on ourselves, to better understand the meaningful moments in our everyday lives as well as challenges to navigate? Spend the evening with us working on small exercises, meet like-minded people, and spark interesting discussions!

6:30pm: Login to Zoom and hang out in chat
6:40pm: Intro to @BKProductDesign and Workshop
6:55pm: Reflect on past month – Zoom Breakout Rooms (20min) + Share goals within the big group (10min)
7:30pm: Set goals – Zoom Breakout Rooms (20min) + Share goals within the big group (10min)
8:00pm: Zoom hangs & networking + $25 prizes throughout the event!

Thank you to Small Planet for sponsoring our meetup group to keep community events going strong! https://www.smallplanet.com

We will have three $25 Park Slope BK eGift Card, local small business, and/or KarmaKarma gift cards to raffle off throughout the event. https://app.yiftee.com/gift-card/-theother5th-park-slope-giftcard-brooklyn and http://www.karmakarma.com

▶️── 📝 Workshop ───▶️

The aim of this workshop is to create a safe space to reflect and celebrate achievements and gain clarity and motivation around goals. Through a spirit of togetherness and empathy, we can support, inspire, and encourage one another in crafting our future - stepping into the best versions of ourselves and our dream lives.

This will be a collaborative workshop, in which we'll reflect on our individual wins over the past year or month. These can be anything from trying something new, like snowboarding, to reaching a milestone in one's career. We'll also reflect on our challenges, or pain points, areas we may want to improve upon (for example, time management).

Moving from self-reflection into goal-setting, we'll take these insights into defining and designing a roadmap for what we'd like to accomplish moving forward. What are our high-level goals for 2021? And how might we break these down into smaller actionable goals for the month ahead?

Lastly, let's put our dreams into action! Through habit trackers and accountability partners, we can prototype, test, and refine our goals and life designs.

Alexandra Srp (pronounced "serp") is a UX Researcher based in New York. Trained in Design Thinking and an avid reader of books on personal and professional development, she seeks to combine the areas and support people in crafting meaningful experiences in their everyday lives.

LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexandra-srp/
Website - https://www.alexsrp.design/


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