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I want to see if there is any interest in a self help type group that would could get together and do a step study based on the 12 steps of self help groups - but this is for anyone! Twelve step groups do a great job of rigorously looking at their faults and how they can become better people, and they do it with the help of a group of people, and I was interested in starting a small group to meet either 2-4 times a month and "work the steps" just to become better humans! No commitment to not drinking, don't need any addictions; just a self realization that you could maybe be a little less selfish in life and looking for a group/encouragement to get there! I'd love to have it open to byob/wine/food etc too, and maybe bring in lots of outside reading on spirituality/self help in addition to "the steps" and maybe also do meditation!

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