What we're about

After reviewing previous sober groups, I realized there isn’t one specializing in hanging out and doing fun activities! I don’t drink and have a hard time finding a group of like-minded individuals who want to have a good time and participate in fun activities without alcohol. The main purpose of this group is to have fun without alcohol! We might go to places where alcohol is served but I ask all remain sober on the outings.

What kind of things will we be doing

There’s so many!! There’s bar trivia, stand up comedy, random festivals and carnivals. We can do dinner and a movie!

We will not just sit around and have coffee. Basically, we will do everything one normally does in NYC but without the alcohol. You’ll never have to be the sober one again!

So come join me! If you’re sober, great! If you just choose not to drink, that’s great too. We will never ask the question “why don’t you drink?”

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Free Bar Trivia!

Alligator Lounge

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