Realm Mobile Database / Future Shock

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Swift 1.0 is here! Playtime is over... its time to ship some code :)

Realm: A Modern Database for Swift
Speaker: JP Simard (

A new language is a great opportunity to rethink how we work with objects when building apps. In this talk, we'll look at how to use Realm (a new mobile database) in Swift to leverage the language's most powerful features like type safety and generics.

JP has been developing full-time in Swift since its announcement at WWDC. He’s the lead engineer on the Swift implementation of Realm (, maintainer of jazzy ( (the documentation tool Apple forgot to release) and a co-organizer of the SLUG (, the largest Swift user group in the world.

Future Shock: The thrill of composing asynchronous operations, the challenges of generic functional data structures and mutability in Swift!
Speaker: Peter Robinett (

Peter will talk about the the benefits of futures for anyone doing asynchronous operations, such as network calls or animations. He will then delve into the challenges of creating a strictly typed and thread-safe futures implementation in Swift.

Peter Robinett is a mobile developer at Lua ( In addition to being an iOS developer, he has extensive experience with backend languages such as Scala.