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#1 Implementing Accessibility at Work & Co #2 Gilt & Adopting Swift

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This month we are excited to have a new host. Work & Co is welcoming us from their Dumbo office. Food and drink will be provided.

** PLEASE NOTE: RSVPs will be checked at the door so please include your real name **

Andre Carvalho -> Designing Accessibility Apps at Work & Co

Why should we care about Accessibility. Design tips. Common challenges implementing accessible applications for iOS.

Andre is currently a principal developer at Work & Co, mainly focused on iOS development. Integrated the team that built the Virgin America app. He has 10 years of development experience, mainly working with mobile apps. He is also a great enthusiast of statically typed functional programming languages.

Evan Maloney - The 8-Year Evolution of a Large Xcode Project: What we learned about organizing Xcode projects for maximum work efficiency.

The first commit to the Gilt app codebase was on Christmas Day, 2008. Since then, we've seen the release of the iPad, of multi-size iPhones, the Apple TV, and an entirely new development language: Swift. As the Gilt codebase has evolved through these changes, we've had several major restructurings of our Xcode projects. This talk will trace through the evolution of our project structure and development workflow to arrive at where we are today: a codebase that's about halfway through a transition to Swift.


Evan is a Distinguished Engineer at HBC Digital, where he works on apps for Gilt and Saks Fifth Avenue. Evan has been building iPhone apps since September 2008; his first iPhone and iPad apps earned a place on Steve Jobs' homescreen, and his first iPad app was available in the store on launch day. Since 2010, Evan has been working at Gilt / HBC Digital. More recently, Evan participated in Apple's introduction of the new Apple TV, demoing the "Gilt on TV" app onstage at the product announcement event.


Please let me know if the above sounds good. I am happy to adjust to better meet the expectations of the audience.