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This meetup was established with the hope of recruiting new members to join our core group of football players. As a group we have been playing regularly for the past few years. But as time goes by we've lost more members than have joined due to family, jobs, life, etc.

Our member's love of the game and sportsmanship remain. We play a competitive but relaxed game. We welcome new members and integrate them into football extremely well due to our relaxed nature. We teach and encourage members and treat them with respect. That means not degrading ppl for dropping passes, failing to run routes, etc. Everyone's a newbie at some time and we appreciate that ppl are willing to come out and spend their time with us. This is, after all, a game for FUN!

A new member noted to me "Wow it's great that it's competitive yet fun. I was in other groups whereby people would scream and yell at one another which made the games less than fun." We have guidelines established that resolves conflicts, disagreements quickly. We will kick off any person who is belligerent or degrades others. Fortunately we haven't had to come across this thus far.

As I noted we do play regularly. Ever since we joined meetup we've had many new members. We play pretty much every Sunday at 9AM and we usually have enough people for a full game. We try to get two separate games going at once when we can get 20 people. At our current pace that shouldn't be a problem at all.

We play two hand touch football. We normally play 6 on 6, just QB and receivers. We don't do linemen, kickoffs, flag football, running plays as to reduce injury risks. We've played these previously and tailored our current game to increase the fun and decrease the risks. Games are played until someone scores up to 7 points. If we have two separate games going the winner of each game plays the other to add in a little variety.

For those that don't have a car then please contact our leadership team. We can likely pick you up from a nearby train station. After the first game we can try to get another member to share a ride.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a fun game with competitive but relaxed people then come to our game. You'll have so much exercise your muscles will hurt the first week but you'll be wanting more afterwards!

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Sunday Football @ Six Diamond Field/Behind Home Depot

Six Diamonds - Behind Home Depot

Winter warriors! Where are you at? It is winter so it's cold, there might be snow or ice. But that's never stopped us before whether it's wind chills in the negative degrees, a foot of ice or snow up to our shins and we had to run in our boots. Once you're out there, running around and playing it will get the blood pumping and you'll have memories that will last a lifetime. We've played through it all before so don't sulk on your bed, lamenting about mother nature. If you're up for it then please RSVP for this Sunday! *************** Besides playing hard we also work hard. Here are a list of our members and their professions. Please reach out to them if you have need for their services: Insurance Agent: all forms of insurance (home, auto, life, etc.) Michael Tang -[masked]/[masked] HVAC-R: heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration Chino -[masked]/[masked] Website Design: set up of simple to complicated websites Paulas -[masked] Public Speaking: adjunct professor of public speaking David Strack -[masked]/[masked] Mortgage Loan Officer Ezra Ziff -[masked]

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Sunday Football @ Six Diamond Field/Behind Home Depot

Six Diamonds - Behind Home Depot

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