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We are the NAIC: Native American Indigenous Church. Our mission is to preserve and educate as well as practice Native American and Indigenous spiritual practices including traditional and natural medicine.

Especially, we would like to support Mother Earth Spirituality and Native culture in the Brooksville, Springhill, Dade City, Wesley Chapel, Weeki Watchi, Hernando Beach and North Tampa- Central region.

We generally host monthly NAIC Sacred Healing Ceremonies of one type or another. Depending on many factors from season to weather or from necessity of our community... the ceremonies could be a sacred sweat, Pipe, Breath, Blanket, Drumming, Vision Quest etc.

Our ceremonies are always free, however, it is required that you join NAIC before participating (APM Level (http://www.somaveda.com/naic-join2/)). We are a real church and have many other activities here on the Sanctuary! Lets be clear. We have never charged a fee and will never charge any fee to attend a Sacred Ceremony!

NAIC website: SomaVeda.com (https://Somaveda.com)

NAIC is an inter-tribal organization and our ceremonies do not follow the path of any one specific tribe or tribal organization. Ceremonies are generally mixed gender. We are open to hosting men or women only ceremony if there is enough interest to support. However, having said this we do run the healing ceremonies in a strict fashion and all decorum is observed. No drugs or Alcohol of any kind please!

Participants are expected to help set up and to clean up the lodge after each ceremony. Bring your drum! Bring your prayer list!

Various elders, men and women will be assisting and or leading various aspects of ceremonies.

This group is for anyone desiring to practice Native American Spirituality NAIC style.

Beginners and advanced welcome as long as your genuine about keeping it real and positive!

We will be listing other services and or activities as we can here.

Our Natural Wellness Solutions (NWS): NAIC Tribal Health Center is also available for traditional, native and indigenous sacred based medicine and health care services and programs. Call or email for details.


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NAIC Sacred Chanupa, Pipe, Tobacco and Healing Lodge Ceremony

Native American Indigenous Church Sanctuary

September 19th. 2021: Chanupa- Pipe- Caseuse- Tobacco Class and healing Ceremony: If you don't know what that means then come with a good and humble attitude and we will show you! Family oriented NAIC Church function.

This class and ceremony is at no cost!

Please note: As this ceremony is occurring during a regularly scheduled NAIC seminary training and certification program it will additionally be attended by the class members currently enrolled. That means the RSVP list here on the Meet Up is a partial list of attendees, not a complete list!

Attention: You must be pre-approved to attend this private religious ceremony. No Walk-ins! If your unsure of how to register, be approved and to participate... please read the info again and call or email for any questions.

No charge ever for ceremony!

Call ahead or email for interview with Dr. J/ medicine Man.

This function Requires an "APM" (Authorized Participant Level Membership) Membership active with NAIC. Guest are welcome with pre-approval. No Guest without pre-approval.

(http://www.somaveda.com/naic-join2/) Go to "Memberships" for APM...

Over the years our family (NAIC) traditional pipe and tobacco has evolved into a well rounded healing ceremony. It does not favor any particular or specific tribe and is in that way eclectic. Our personal family is Crow and Sac and Fox. NAIC has more than 20 native and or indigenous tribal nations currently represented.

Contact: [masked]
Phone: (706)[masked] Ask for Dr. J!

If your new to Native Ceremony or are seeking healing we are experts and can guide you in a good way.

The ceremony is safe! The ceremony is Co-ed.

The class will cover the history of the pipe, ceremony and tobacco. How to set up for a ceremony anywhere, tools and sacrament for Chanupa ceremony and how to show and be respectful, We will learn and practice a Sacred Pipe song and prayers for healing, protection and peace. We will learn and practice a Sacred Breath Meditation and healing ceremony. We will demonstrate and offer a Pipe healing ceremony for any illnesses. We will demonstrate and practice Sacred feather and Fan healing.

Come prepared:
• If you have a Sacred Pipe and want to have it blessed by our Medicine Man and our Grand Father Pipe... Bring it! Also, we will be setting up an alter/ sacred space for blessing your items such as ceremonial items, crystals, Sacred Smudge tools & items, Sacrament, Scalar Pendants etc.
• Bring your hand drum!
• Water Bottle or Jug: Please note we have AMAZING water from our deep well. It's been tested and found some of the best and purest around. Take some home with you!
• Lightweight clothing (natural, cotton, etc.)
• Don't be late!
• No photo's other than by authorized NAIC Staff, no exceptions.

Please note again! If you have not previously attended one of our events you must call for a personal interview with Medicine Elder... NO EXCEPTIONS. Walk in's will be turned away at the Sanctuary Gate. Save your self the effort and simply get that interview in before 24hrs. ahead of the scheduled ceremony.

You can bring a guest as long as they also join NAIC and RSVP.

No last minute registrations as we will be on the land. Class & Ceremony is on NAIC Private Sanctuary and consecrated ground. Proper and respectful behavior at all times. Zero tolerance for any bad behavior! This is a safe space... No Alcohol , No Drugs, No exception.

It's not required that you "Smoke" or take in the tobacco sacrament to be blessed by the Chanupa. However, everyone must follow NAIC RPG's and be member of NAIC including guest. If unclear about this ask ahead as no unregistered persons will be allowed on property during ceremony.

I look forward to meeting you!

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NAIC Sacred Sweat, Purification and Healing Lodge Ceremony

Native American Indigenous Church Sanctuary

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