Wednesday Evening Puppy Social - 8wks - 16wks (4 months) of age

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Rocky Mountain Dog Training

6801 W. 117th Ave. Unit F3 · Broomfield, CO

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We are on the NW corner of 117th Ave & Main Street in Broomfield

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This group is open for puppies 8 weeks of age to 16 weeks of age and is provided by Rocky Mountain Dog Training as a safe and clean environment for early puppy development. We do not set a price for admittance, we leave that up to our clients, though most give $15 per dog per meetup.



This is a popular Meetup, and our attendance fills up quickly. If you are unable to attend you MUST change your RSVP 4 hours prior to the Meetup. This allows the wait listed members the opportunity to attend in your place. If you "no show" or cancel under 4 hours, two or more times to our meetups, you will be deleted from the group. Wait listers, you need to change your RSVPs as well if you can no longer make it so next on the list can attend.

We open doors at 6:10 and stop check in at 6:20 and are unable to accommodate latecomers. Once the dogs are off leash, we turn our attention to monitoring the group and cannot leave them unattended to check in late arrivals.

We open up for RSVP 2 weeks in advance of each date. This allows everyone a fair chance to get in. Planning ahead will ensure a higher likelihood of admittance.

For more information on our other services, please visit our website.

•Vaccination records to first Meetup (Required. We do not make exceptions) - Should be on vet letterhead or the stickers from the vial if the breeder administered. Hand-written records not permitted.

•High value treats - think boiled chicken, meat-based treats (Real-Meat Treats, Salmon Treats, cheese etc. Kibble won't hold your dog's focus in this environment.

•Leash and flat collar or harness. No retractable leashes, e-collars or metal collars.

•Poop Bags


•Puppies must wait at least 10 days after going to their forever home to participate in meetups and be free from illness.

• Children in attendance under 10 must be accompanied by their own adult. I.e. One parent for the dog, another for the child. While we encourage structured child participation, there are times where we will need to limit this if dogs are feeling unsure of their presence. As our focus is on the puppies in this group, we appreciate your understanding and following our instructions should this occur.

•Walk-Ins not permitted. RSVP is required.

•Puppies should be well-exercised prior to the meetup. Typically a 20 minute walk prior to attending works wonders.

•NEVER bring a puppy that is showing any signs of illness to the group. This includes things as minor as a snuffly nose, diarrhea or vomit.

•All dogs must remain on leash until in the training room. We recommend waiting until they are off leash to have them greet to ensure everyone's comfort.

•Always pick up after your pet. Dumpster for waste disposal is behind the building.

• We provide this opportunity for you to socialize your puppy because its important to socialize in a safe, clean and structured environment. Spread of disease in undervaccinated puppies is a real and serious risk. Please, for the safety of your puppy and for other participating puppies, follow the above guidelines and also avoid high-traffic animal areas. For more information, please visit the website of the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior and see their guidelines for puppy socialization here (

• If you have multiple puppies in your household, please bring only one at a time for the best outcome with socialization. This allows them the ability to build confidence independent of their housemate.

•If your puppy is struggling with fear or reactivity around other dogs or people, please bring it to the instructor's attention upon arrival so we can set up a "safe zone" for your puppy behind a barrier where they can observe comfortably.

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