Red January ride - A welcome to BCG Intro ride

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Hopefully, you've heard of Mind's Red Together campaign for January? it is encouraging people to be active every day of January to support their mental health.

We at BCG know that cycling is not only brilliant for your physical health but for your mental well-being as well. So if you have been wanting to get on your bike and on the road for a while, but never got around to it, then the time is now - and this ride is for you!!

We will take it steady, this is not about speed! This is all about getting you out and in a group so you can start to enjoy the benefits of cycling with BCG.

We'll take a nice steady route, we will ride at the pace of the group. We’ve got several ride leaders to support you on this ride.

We'll ride 8 miles up around Cranfield, then stop for a coffee/cake etc. at the Bike Bus (one of BCG's favourite stops) then after feeling suitably refreshed and a social chat, we'll head down the hill back to Broughton for the second half of 8 miles.

Please don't feel daunted, you will be surprised how much easier this will be when you are in a group.

You'll already know how to ride your bike, but will be new to getting into group or road cycling.

We encourage you to ride either a road bike or a hybrid bike.

The BCG ethos is nobody gets left behind - so what are you waiting for?

This ride is designed for those who are new (or returning) to BCG, so regular BCG riders I'm sure you'll understand this one is not for you.

Please note this ride will be on the road and is 16 miles in total.

if you have any questions at all before the ride, please contact Ann Shrimpton via Meetup messenger.

BCG welcomes both female and male cyclists and we have a mix of women and men and across our categories.

IMPORTANT: You ride at your own risk, helmets must be worn and lights must be used after dusk. Paid members are covered by 3rd party liability insurance. Non members are only covered up to three rides with the group after which you must become a paid member to continue riding with the group. You can find out about the huge benefits to being a member and register here: