Cat C 10-12 mph - Jelly Beans and Jelly Legs. Lidlington - 23 miles.

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Cat C 10-12 mph

Join Lynn on a 23 mile route to Lidlington Hill. The coffee stop is at The Firs.

The route takes us up Cranfield Hill and down Marston Hill. We travel on towards Lidlington, stopping in Marston Mortaine for 2 minutes for me to consume an entire packet of Jelly Beans to hopefully power me up Lidlington Hill which is 10 miles into the ride. Having got to the top of this 10% incline, I will then be red in the face, out of breath and suffering from what I call Jelly Legs. Not a medical term I believe. Once my legs are in working order again, we will wend our way along Boughton End Lane, a short spin along the main road towards Ridgemont, up Horsepool Lane. We go up Woodside, down Weathercock and home via Woburn Sands. Although Lidlington Hill is a tough cookie, the other climbs aren't too bad. No one ever gets left behind.

Please note that with the possibility of being delayed by punctures, mechanicals ect., I cannot guarantee we will be back in Broughton at the specified time.
Please have daytime running lights now we may encounter murky weather. Mudguards are appreciated by the rider behind you on wet roads.

If you are no longer taking part once signed up, can you please remember to take yourself off the meetup.

BCG welcomes both female and male cyclists and we have a mix of women and men right across all our categories.

IMPORTANT: You ride at your own risk, helmets must be worn and lights must be used after dusk. Daytime running lights are essential and mudguards are appreciated.
Paid members are covered by 3rd party liability insurance. Non members are only covered up to three rides with the group after which you must become a paid member to continue riding with the group. You can find out about the huge benefits to being a member and register here (